Yourdatingtales com

Yourdatingtales com

3: Your date said or did something so ridiculously unbelievable that you excuse yourself during the date to text your bestie in the bathroom to try and plot an escape plan.

Until then all I can do is just keep on living my life to the fullest and so should you because when we do meet our partners we will be much more wiser and open to sharing our lives with someone.

So that basically affirmed that people from both genders are cray-cray. And here's some things you should know about telling a normal boyfriend from one who is NOT trustworthy.1. He knows way more information about you than you’ve ever told him. For example, “What took you so long to get home from the volunteer night at the food kitchen?

For example, he knows exactly where you eat lunch in the park every day, but you’ve never told him anything about your lunch breaks…2. He texts all of your friends, but he’s not really friends with your friends yet.3. He constantly shows up to your house unexpectedly just because he wants to “see” you (but really he’s checking up on you).4. He writes on your Facebook wall, and you don’t write on his.

So if you’re currently dating a crazy person and you like it, well maybe you’re also a crazy person and you both act crazy together.

He constantly contradicts himself by telling you that he needs some space, but that he can’t wait to snuggle later.13. But most importantly, the biggest sign that he’s crazy is if he either verbally or physically abuses you in any way, shape or form. It will not get any better and he doesn’t deserve you.

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