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In a particularly volatile social climate, one of You Tube’s most prominent feminist voices dipping her toes into the site’s pool of anger and hysteria is no small thing.

Many of her viewers are now simply hoping that she doesn’t fall into the deep end.

Es ist eine ganz eigene Art des Horrors, diese Cartoonfiguren zu sehen, wenn sie etwa vom Zahnarzt gequält werden. Kinder, die mit You Tube alleinegelassen werden, landen von offiziellen Kindervideos schnell bei diesen Abklatsch-Produktionen.

Denn You Tube lebt davon, dass nach dem eben abgelaufenen Video ein neues startet.

While Laci has claimed that her opinions remain mostly unchanged, her relationship with a vocal opponent of many of her views has inevitably led to concern among her viewers, with some expressing that her providing a platform to those with negative opinions regarding the LGBTQ community, feminism and social progress will be particularly harmful for her younger viewers.

It also provides yet another example of the uncertainly You Tube’s audience faces in supporting its video makers, with the intense political climate having a major impact on the site and its content creators.

Laci Green’s identity crisis is emblematic of the wider issue faced by You Tubers.

Bei derartigem Content "sollte keine Werbung geschaltet werden", versicherte Google."Wir arbeiten auf Hochtouren, um das zu beheben." Aber das ist nicht das einzige Inhalte-Problem, das You Tube hat.Seit Tagen kursiert im Netz die Aufregung um diverse Kinderkanäle.Many of these video makers are also finding themselves placed under an unfortunate spotlight, with the likes of Pew Die Pie and Jon Tron each making news headlines as a result of their divisive videos, creating a rift on the site in which creators now seemingly spend as much time discussing the drama surrounding its inner circle as they do anything else. One of You Tube’s most prominent feminists with 1.5 million subscribers, Laci Green’s videos were widely championed (and criticized) for her messages supporting inclusivity, sex positivity and her discussions surrounding feminist ideas and philosophies.However, Laci has now divided her audience as a result of her latest series of videos, in which she discusses “taking the red pill,” and for her relationship with prominent “anti-PC” You Tuber Chris Ray Gun.

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You Tube is experiencing what can only be described as an identity crisis.

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