Xbmc video library not updating role play dating sim

Xbmc video library not updating

Scroll down and select the Library Menu Item, then choose Export Video Libary.

Choose to export your library to separate files per entry (this bit is the magic) Choose yes to export thumbs and fanart Choose yes to overwrite old files. Once the export has completed, you’re actually done and you never ever need to go into, “Import Video Library” again! It works because beside every file in your network share or disc folder/directory, the export put’s some matching files beside your movie files indicating to Kodi that this is the fanart, cover image, actors, directors, IMDB rating etc etc that belongs to this movie.

The reason this does not work automatically is that XBMC creates cached thumbnails based on the full path to the movie location.

For example, if the original path was smb://username:[email protected]/Movies/300, XBMC creates and caches a thumbnail based on a thumbnail hash for that directory in the userdata/Thumbnails directory.

Or, in my case, you’ve been using windows samba-based streaming and want to move to the much more efficient NFS streaming protocol (see the comparison detailed in this post).

The simple way to change file locations is just to remove your old library, move the content, and then rescan the new destination to recreate your library in the new location.

In the Kodi library, press C or right click and select settings.

I got tired of waiting for my large collection to download every time I did an upgrade or removed a Kodi source/share.

And it wasn’t too hard to figure out a way around it.

A nice side effect of this guide is that you will easily be able to tell which content is not being detected by Kodi.

You may not realise it, but if you have a large collection, often Kodi doesn’t detect things and there doesn’t seem to be any reason to which it will or won’t detect during the library scan, but it can miss quite a few things off from time to time.

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Click on Movies, then Title and you should be looking at the the glorious Kodi Library goodness!

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