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So I excused myself and quickly stole away to the ladies room to check my face. I would just have to try and keep my teeth from showing.I dug deep into my purse to find the lipstick I wore on Halloween as Betty Boop and started to apply. He can't think I have yellowed Lindsay Lohan teeth, or he'll never want to kiss me!I stalked him on Facebook a few weeks later and it seems he found himself an average looking girl to compete with his shine - oh well, I'm sure they will take on the world together.I, however, have since vowed to work on my self-confidence, because I never want to feel that way again!Our member promotions specify that our members are seeking only sincere Chinese dating with members truly seeking romance, love and long term relationships.Our e Magazine, Blogs and Forum are entertaining, enlightening and educational on how to be safe, secure, sparkling and successful while dating with Chinese and Asian women.We are the site that helps you take dating at your own pace.

He stood up and greeted me at the table, a kiss on the cheek. This look always works wonders for me, but as soon as I saw him I felt it wasn't enough, I needed to look stunning. So I did the only thing that could make it look purposeful - I reapplied.

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I strut back to the table, hoping he's checking out my ass, but overshoot as I sit down and kind of half-fall, half-stumble into my chair. Any other time, I am pretty good-humored and can make fun of myself but all I could do was let out a slight giggle and adjust myself.

I was so And I didn't want to open my mouth too wide. I tried to act sexy and compliment him on his excellent observational skills but bumped into my water glass instead.

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