Will people want to get rich?

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«The road is aswaling going»

(C) folk wisdom

«Well, what a strange question is put in the title of the article?» — Exclaim the reader. There is nothing to argue about — of course all people want to get rich. Well, maybe besides those who are already rich. And besides the full spiritual perfection of monks.

Is it really?

After all, the question is not about the fact that people «do not mind getting rich.» Or «would not refuse to get rich if it did not require any effort from them.»


The question was «Want?!»

Do you really have a real desire?

After all, the desire gives birth to momentum. Generates actions and actions.

When you want something, you strive for this. And depending on the strength of your desire — you are ready to overcome large or smaller difficulties on the way to the desired goal. You are ready to endure large or smaller deprivation for the achievement of the desired result.

This is a very important point — the readiness for more or less victims to achieve the result depends on your desire.

Let’s look at the easiest examples.

Suppose you wanted to have a snack. And in the house — neither crumbs. At the same time outside the window — pouring rain. If your hunger is very strong — you will go to the store on the puddles, and you will bend this discomfort. And if it was hung out not particularly — the rain and the prospect of wet feet will stop you.

Another example is thirst.

A person can be lazy to get up from the chair and go to the kitchen behind the drink. Especially — if he looks an interesting film and thirst is not very high.

But we understand — since it does not go to the kitchen for water, it means that he really wants to drink. It would have suffered from thirst — not that in the kitchen — in the next quarter to the well would have come down.

Please note — if a person sitting in front of the TV will begin to assure you that he really wants to drink — you can not believe him. I would like — would go to the kitchen for water.

Now, if he went to the kitchen — and there is not a drop of water. Then I went to the store — but there is no drink there. Then she asked her neighbors — and they also did not give him a throat of water. Here it would be plausible to look like, here I would have believed that a person wants to drink very much.

And why do we believe when a person who exactly does not do anything in order to become richer — wants to get rich?

Let’s follow the experiments from example?

Take the handle and paper (or the phone — who is more convenient). And try to fill the small form, just three graphs.

In order to get rich today: …

In order to get rich this month: …

In order to get rich for the past year: …

Try to fill these items honestly. You fill them out for yourself. Why lie to myself?

The more you can write in each item, the better.

That’s just


But if you saved some of your salary — this is a step towards wealth.

If you have invested savings in reliable assets — one more step.


If you abandon the cost (and sometimes more harmful) habits — and this is an excellent step.

If the money preserved during the refusal of costly habits did not flow from you between your fingers, but went into savings and investments — it will come down for good two steps))

Spend this experiment with your friends — only it would be none in such a sequence:

At first ask whether they want to get rich

And then ask to fill out our mini-form and find out what they do for this.

Just warning — as my experience shows, such experiments are often angry and irritation in humans.

People do not like to find out that

It is much easier to blame all around all around — from our government to the US government (or the world government — how much fantasy is enough). There is much easier than everyone, besides yourself, blame and do nothing to achieve results.

And it is much more difficult as

Someone will say that it is impossible. But almost always those who say it is impossible — they didn’t even try. Decided in advance that they would lose and lowered their hands.

Yes, not all efforts lead to the result.

But it is necessary to apply efforts. On this score, the old American wisdom is remembered:

Someone will say that all these recipes are too simple. «If everything was so simple — everyone would get rich.»

No, guys, it just sounds simple:

Earn more

Temperate less than you earn

Invest in reliable assets

Sounds — just. But to fulfill it — it is extremely difficult.

No less just looks like a Council to any person with overweight: «eat less and move more.» Is that a bad advice? This advice does not work ??? It works … just follow him — especially without having the right habits — it is very difficult. After all, at every step — temptations. I want to drain the chocolate, then the jogging is reluctant.

It is no less difficult to follow and reasonable financial advice. Also seduced at every step. That loan take on a new car — such a quick and brilliant. That rest with the family to go to a chic hotel — you live once … But on a part-time job, it’s a sorry for your loved one.

This is how it turns out that, every second «wants» to lose weight, and practically someone — all «want» to get rich.

But as soon as you start find out «What do you do for this?» How to find out the sad truth — and almost nothing.

It would be nice if a kind wizard performed all our desires without difficulty. But in life it does not work.

As a result, obesity, and poverty, and slaughterism, and a small pension — all this misfortune with which we need to deal with themselves.

I have a simple offer: let’s try just every one in your place will take a step towards your success. Such a step that is available to you. Which forces you.

Just at least one step


If you spend a lot — start strictering the budget

If there were no savings — postponing right today at least one hundred rubles

If there are savings — start reading about investing

And so — step by step.

«The way to a thousand lee begins from the first step»

Each step separately — already bring its benefit. And all together — God will give — with time will do