Why should I invest in stocks?

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

Many Russians themselves the idea of investing in securities is deeply alien to almost the genetic level. It goes for several reasons, in my opinion.

The first is, of course, the lack of an investment culture. If, as in the US, for example, you and Dad-Mom were invested in stocks and grandpa-grandmother, then you would have come to this in the most natural way.

And the second is the «vaccination», which was made against the shares at one time «MMM» and other pyramids. After all, the majority of Russians are still not able to understand that «stocks» (specially picked in quotes) MMM and Gazprom shares are absolutely different things.

So a simple other «folk» approach is somewhat closer to our compatriot, so to speak, the method of investing money is a bank deposit or real estate.

But life makes its own adjustments. The deposit now gives such mocking low interest, which without tears on them and you will not see. And real estate … well, you need to accumulate. Yes, and accumulating to make sure that the recipe for many Russians will not take off the recipe for many Russians — you will receive, from the strength, 5% per annum, which year from year to year will be dying under the pressure of growing communal and taxes. And how many trouble you will get if these odnunks are not alone, but, let’s say, eight — here about the word «passive» income will definitely have to forget — the tenants will not let you get bored — then the toilet was smashed, then the rent was broken, then the neighbors were flooded .

By and large — real estate now remains interesting (on profitability) only in the form of commercial real estate, little accessible to retail investors in the Russian market. Analogs of Western Reit (funds owned by real estate inflated) only appear in the Russian Federation.

But our stock market is of interest in many ways:

The dividend yield of many blue chips significantly exceeds the profitability of the deposit and exceeds the dividend yield in the Western markets.

0 After many large and stable companies are estimated from the point of view of fundamental indicators much lower than their Western competitors. The notorious examples are Surgutneftegaz, estimated by the market lower than the number of cash on his accounts (you just think about it). Or Gazprom, an estimated market lower than the liquidation value of its property. Or VTB — an estimated market lower than its capital.

The state obliges its largest companies to pay in the form of dividends at least 50% of net profit. This guarantees to shareholders good prospects for obtaining regular income.

About 10% of the population is involved in our country in the securities market. In the US, for comparison — about 60%. Now, when low deposit rates are literally «extruded» people to the market — the growth of securities at the strategic time interval is almost inevitable.

Comparison of our securities market for all multipliers not only with the markets of developed countries, but even with the Brazilian markets or India shows that the potential for growth is several times literally in all indicators.

Probably, there was only one question — why not bonds? On this topic, apparently, it will be necessary to make a separate post. Well, if in a nutshell — in our Russian reality, the bond from the safe tool turned into a risky. As one of the gurus of finance «Buying a bond, you always conclude a betting, there will be inflation above the coupon rate or not.» And since with inflation in the Russian Federation there is always some uncertainty, then buying a bond you always play a risky game. Why is there no such risk in stocks? Because you acquire a share in the company’s business. And the growth of business on the size of inflation in dynamically (or at least normal) the developing company should block this very inflation. And in the case of Russia, in addition to inflation, the risk of devaluation of the ruble is also going to inflation — and here also ruble bonds to you a bad assistant (and the dollar needs to still find such that inflation will block) — but the share of exporter (oil company, metallurgists, and so on) — This is a wonderful insurance against the fall of the ruble.

So it turns out that «with all the wealth of choice — there is no other alternative.» Shares are our choice.

The choice of those who are going to finally become