Why is the government mandating digital tv

Why is the government mandating digital tv

But retailers are forecasting high returns for HDTV sets within the first two years of introduction (Shapiro, 1998).

Others refer to the slow twenty year penetration of color television in American households and liken it to HDTV (Dupagne, 1998; Graham, 1998; Schubin, 1998).

The arrival of television into American households was delayed in part by World War I and the Great Depression.

Although television was introduced to the public at the World's Fair in New York in 1939, it was not until after World War II, that Clevelanders had their first glimpse of the new medium.

For over fifty years, stations have been broadcasting an analog signal to America's homes.

While the analog signal may indeed change due to amplitude modulations (AM), the system can also be transmitted by multiple conduits in a variety of delivery modalities.

The first television screen was only the size of a postage stamp, and had to be viewed only in day light hours (Abramson, 1987; Sheldon & Grisewood, 1929).

An article written by Neuendorf, Atkin and Jeffres (1998) applied Rogers (1995) diffusion of innovations theory, whereby through certain attributes, new products are introduced to consumers in stages prior to acceptance. (1998) drew from Dozier, Valente and Severn's (1986) notion of continuous versus discontinuous innovations toward the above audio innovation.

Dupagne found the more educated a consumer is, the less likely they are to purchase a new HDTV set.

Often price was a contributing factor when respondents were interviewed.

With the intervention of computers and digital programming, the FCC and Congress have mandated that broadcasters transmit a digital signal.

In November of 1998, stations in the top 10 largest markets in the United States began transmitting a digital signal.

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The onset of Digital Television (DTV) and High Definition Television (HDTV) prompted the need for further information on changing television technology.

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