Why is money — is it only gold?

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Gold is the currency of kings, silver — this is the currency of gentlemen, Barter is the money of the peasants, debts — this is the money of slaves»

(c) the norms of Franz, «Money and wealth in the new millennium.»

Surprisingly few people, even among those who professionally engaged in finance, will be able to clearly answer the question: «What is money»? I’m not talking about some kind of dedicated to education. Definition from the textbook. I’m talking about a real understanding of the question. Among people who are not engaged in finances, the number of those who understand what this thing is such — money — and is striving for zero.

You say, «What is it at all for a stupid question»? Is it clear anywhere? What are they — brews? Here she is the mint of the bill in your pocket, which in the next store you can buy fused cheese and chocolate?

Is it so?

And can you, of the one who considers themselves so smart, to fool, and slipping you the candy, giving them for money? Or maybe you have been deceived for a long time?

Let’s figure it out.

«Of all the tricks for the deception of workers’ classes of mankind, none was more efficient than what is misleading them with paper money.» (c) Daniel Webster US Secretary of State (in 1841-1843 and 1850-1852)

So. What started?

With the fact that people ran through the forests, wild and loose, hunted mammoths and gathered sweet roots. Someone, by choosing the roots, wanted to eat a steak from Mammutyatin in the evening, and then you know, in the time of Paleolith, a vegetarian diet was not in honor. The economy flourished the cave (in all the senses of this word) Barter. Each time it was necessary to conclude a deal, it was necessary to directly change the roots on Mammutyatin, and if the hunter does not need roots — all, hello you are without a steak today. Not the most convenient and stable system. So someone from especially guessing savages (sort of hairy Adam Smith) guessed that it was necessary to have a mediator product. Some universal product. Which will be convenient to change on everything in a row, to store and use if you need to change something. It is unlikely that DiKari immediately made such a product and silver, for sure they first strained on the shells. But the fact remains a fact — already on ancient manuscript 6000 years ago, people recognize

As a matter of fact, if you now ask a person who is a little sense in the economy about money — he is just about the «universal equivalent» or the «universal means of exchange» something and is washed. I will not walk far for example — my shoulder for many years worked with the financial director, who just thought. Money is a universal equivalent. And Shabash. Ohhotyushi. With such people, we will not soon catch up and run away, remember my word (((

Giving money definition say that

So, still, is that money? And why I so insistently causing your attention to this fact.

In order not to load readers Next, let’s go by a very «gallop in Europe»

Obviously, in addition to

An Aristotle gave five

Money must be:





Enjoy their own value

Guys, look at this list — the unlumous guy was Aristotle. I will explain to you now in a couple of words why there are certain items here — and everything is needed — «I will not throw out the words song.»





Enjoy their own value

«In the absence of the Gold Standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation by inflation. This is a simple secret of the foundations of gold welfare. Scarce expenses are just a scheme of confiscation of wealth. Gold prevents this insidious process. «. (c) Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the US Federal Reserve (1987-2006).

Actually we are close to understanding the nature of money. It remains a little finish historical excursion so that you understand better how the economy came to the current «fate» money. Fiat (or «Fidvian» — confidence-based) are called money, not secured with gold and silver. Here in the movie Zheglov Sharapov, the photo showed and spoke of «the thief on trust» — and we now have «money on trust.» I am sure — it sounds very encouraging))

By the way, many people think that paper money is such an advanced phenomenon of modernity. Well type earlier people were wild and wore gold coins, but now they are extincting and carrying bills in the purse. I hurry to upset you — the first edition of paper money has established the Chinese in the tenth century. Since then, over the past thousand years, many countries adopted this wonderful experience. It is interesting that he ended, unlike the gold standard, invariably the same — collapse. Paper money became just paper.

Another interesting point. About «paper money». Until quite recently (by historical standards) of time, all people in all countries understood very well that «money» is gold and silver.

(Hmm … receipts … Nothing reminds you of the word «receipt» … here you are, when you give you a debt, then you take a receipt … Yes, yes, yes, your cash bills have exactly the same nature … You can, if you do not care, quarrel a little Up and look at the quote I put in the epigraph … Remind me, please, otherwise I have forgotten something, whose money are debts ???)

And the «course» of any currency is historically determined by its weight in gold and comparison with the weight of the coin of another country.

In this regard, it looks very funny, as people who are not understanding in the economy in the economy are talking about the pre-revolutionary ratio of the ruble, dollar and pound and try to make some conclusions from this. Guys, which coins were stamped, so they correlated — by weight of pure gold in a coin. Everything was simple.

The current «floating» currency courses are already a product of the Bretton Woods system. Actually, we will come to this now.

World War I began to shift the center of the world from Britain in the United States. The second — completed the process. 80% of world gold lined up in the basements of American banks — mostly federal reserve. In 1944, they conclude Bretton Woods Agreement.

Everything. The double show began. Keep your hands. Be very careful. So. At the first stage, all countries offered

And then in 1971, President Nixon took and … «closed the Golden Window.» This is the official term.

I spoke on TV and said something like this: «Everyone, boys and girls, Halyava ended. It seems that Zalotishko still stands the little much more expensive than our green papers, there will be no more exchange of dollars to produce gold, «the price of gold rose in dollars first up to $ 38, and then heaven. In fact, he just slammed the mousetrap. Doubles ended.

The world had two options. Start with the US war. Or compensate. Since a significant part of the US money-reversed on the Great Bretton Woods, the world was preferred to prefer to prefer that everything goes according to plan. «Well, what will continue to exchange fanties, as they did from 1944 to 1971 … It was only before that these candy was being exchanged for gold, and now we were explained that we were quenched. So we will look like a candy — also awesome. » So the world finally entered the era of fate money.

That’s how. Of course, someone like Keynes could tell us that fate money is cool. The wise government can always release them as much as you like and subscribe to the economy, so now the era of universal prosperity and other Lyalya will come … But we know that inflation is just another tax. And first of all — on the poor.

Well, in general, how can I trust Keynes — a scientist-economist? Is the economy — science? More lurks on shamanism. How can you consider science something where there are no accurate measurements? What are they going to measure the results if they have no longer a gold standard? Dollar? What is it? Dollar is how much ??? Today it looks like a situation, as if in physics, the standard of meters would be made of rubber and stretched annually))

Well, when you understand a little better what money is a little more about their history, I hope that you will use these knowledge correctly in order to become