Who pays a salary investor?

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Solovya bass do not feed»

(c) Folk wisdom.

Mikhail Evgrafovich Saltykov-Shchedrin gave us an example of how one man was able to feed a few alternatives. Pretty voracious, by the way. But is the investor — whether he feeds anyone, except for himself and his family?

If someone thought about brokers and exchange workers — it is not, I’m not talking about it. It is so small and related expenses. I’m talking about true serious benefit from the investor.

The investor in our people, unlike the Men-Zemlovets, is considered to be someone like a parasite — it sits on her neck of the labor people, the arms of his legs, and receives dividends earned later and the blood of workers.

Here I would like to make a couple of clarifications.

Immediately I will say that we will not lead about the oligarchs, but about our brother — the retail investor, which is not on the pledge auction in the nineties, but bought on its work accumulation. And then the picture gets what.

First, the shares themselves are the incarnated work of this investor. His salary, earlier it earned and saved, and then invested in securities. So on the role of the parasite, it certainly does not fit. Honestly worried, and then invested earned.

And secondly, I want to dispel a steady misconception that «from this repose of shares on the stock exchange itself is not cold and not hot.» No guys, if you look a little further than one way forward, it turns out that the company itself is also important, how these most shares are traded (we note in brackets — in normal market conditions, there are exceptions — we also say about them in the article too ).

Well. Let us understand why the company is beneficial for its shares «loved» investors. And why the company is beneficial for its shares to be traded expensive.

So, let’s start from the very beginning — this company goes to IPIO (primary accommodation), for the first time produces its shares on the stock exchange — it makes it possible to acquire them unlimited circle. Here, by the way, maybe two options, if anyone is interested, the company can release new shares — and then the company itself will receive money from the release. So entered the ipio, for example, the company Segezha. And you can sell previously released stocks — it is clear that then the money will not receive the company, but those shareholders who previously belonged to — the company Fiksprais was reached on IPIO.

What receives the company if the IPIO will receive money — obviously. What does she get if the money got her «old» shareholders? Oddly enough — also not enough — the company has become public, and therefore, first of all, gained access to more «cheap» loans. Also, the company was able to conduct additional share emissions — and thus receiving new means for development (it’s not difficult to understand that any new emissions will be placed approximately at the price that previously released promotions will be traded — as you see, this is one of the factors which makes the company work on an increase in the market value of shares, but not the only one).

Move on.

Ipio has long passed. Shares are just traded on the stock exchange. Now then shareholders exactly useless darkees for employees of the company?

Let’s figure it out.

So, it is given — PJSC «RUSSIAN DUST» trades ponchikov at the corner.


And one worker — Vasya Kruglov on a salary of fifty thousand rubles per month (clean, let accounts forgive me — we simplify everything in the example).

We have «and the Shvets and Reaper and not a dude playing» — he and raw materials purchases and donuts makes and sells them on the corner and even the accounting department in PJSC leads and with the depositary of Mosbirezhi works)) This is such a dream employee.

Earns PJSC «Rosynyaf» 10,000 rubles net profit per year.

And so here is neither Shalko, nor Valko this business works.

Let’s, for simplicity, and shareholder from our PAO will also be one — it will be easier to understand what the author is trying to tell. And the shareholder will change. Then Dima Zaitsev, then Galya Sidorov. Shareholders are buying stocks, they sell. Prices for shares, which is characteristic — all the time changing.

But all the time the buyer should be found, who wanted to acquire these stocks at least at some reason at the seller.

Otherwise what happens?

What happens if the rosy pyshki shares will constantly drop?

And the demand for these shares will be absent?

Let’s see.

Since the current shareholder decided to sell shares, he also needed money right now.

And since it did not bother, it means that ??? So, PJSC «RUSSIAN DUST» as a business has not been interested in anyone.

And once did not sell a business, and the owner of the business needed money, what? That will have to sell property. With a hammer, so to speak, let it. So let the unfortunate shareholder put his donutum machine with a hammer. Now the shareholder has no shares — since he has liquidated, and its property (donutum machine) has sold.

But not this is the main trouble. The shareholder will turn off. And the trouble from Vasi Kruglov — he has no work. Since PJSC «Ruddy’s pad» closed. And its property sold out.


Moreover, if we see the story quite a bit back — we will see that all this full sadness and Saga’s suffering began with the fact that the rosy pyshki shares constantly dropped, to which Vasya Kruglov seems to have to do.

And with increased demand, the story could turn out to be completely different — the company could think about expansion. Would spend additional issue. Placed additional shares on the stock exchange. Shareholders would buy them. And there would be a workplace for his wife near the workplace of Vasi Kruglov. And instead of thinking than to pay for the rented accommodation Vasya and his wife, they would already pretend, which excellent two-room will take into a preferential mortgage. And why? Because work on a prosperous company is an elevated chance of prosperity and for employees. Especially such valuable as Vasya — you saw what kind of guy is it? On all hands master))

Well, at the end — as promised, mentioning about the company-exceptions. There are companies that are absolutely anyway, with their shares are traded. Here is VTB, for example. Or transneft. These are companies that are not quite market. Or do not completely market tasks solve. VTB — badly bursts on the order of the state for the sustainability of the economy bad debts that commercial banks and under the gun will not force to buy. And the transneft — the oil transports the oil at that rate, which it will be possible to agree with the oil lobby — so that the oil workers are «warm and dry».

Unfortunately, in part and interrao can be attributed to this kind of exceptions that it is not very pleased. If it were not for the «pofigism» in relation to investors — a long time would be more active than the cube and dividends increased. But also «quasi-state» status helps to rest on the laurels.


Companies, if they are market, are interested in maintaining quotes of their shares. But not only the companies themselves are interested in this. Investors (holders of these shares) and employees of companies are interested in maintaining investors (holders of these shares) and employees of companies. However, only investors, with due patience and good luck, these quotations can do