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Two-Face then closes the vault door and pulls it out a hole in the wall, intending to carry it off with a helicopter while filling it with the same acid that scarred half of Harvey Dent’s face, turning him into Two-Face.

Using the guard’s hearing aid to help hear the tumblers, Batman opens the vault door.

Nygma is devastated, and he not only continues his work, but when his supervisor discovers him continuing it, Nygma kills him—but not until after he absorbs his mental energy into himself, making him cleverer, supposedly.

Nygma alters the security footage and forges a suicide note so everyone thinks he killed himself.

Grayson and Alfred nurse him back to health, and Grayson puts on a costume based on his circus outfit, and calls himself “Robin” after a nickname he had in the circus.

He then goes on to form “Nygma Tech,” using his brainwave doodads to create convincing holographs that are beamed directly into people’s brains. At one point, the bat-signal goes off and then Two-Face chases the Batmobile.Dick Grayson manages to toss the wrecking ball into the river, but his parents and brother are killed by Two-Face in the meantime. Wayne offers to take him in, and Grayson agrees long enough to satisfy Gordon, but then he plans to leave—right up until he sees Wayne’s car and motorcycle collection and Alfred’s cooking skills…Nygma, having taken on the persona of “the Riddler,” discovers Two-Face’s lair and shows him the brain-sucking technology.This combo proved less than efficacious and this particular series—which were all part of the same continuity, but with only Michael Gough as Alfred and Pat Hingle as Gordon being in all four of them—ended with 1997’s Written by Lee Batchler & Janet Scott Batchler and Akiva Goldsman Directed by Joel Schumacher Produced by Tim Burton and Peter Mac Gregor-Scott Original release date: June 16, 1995 The Bat-signal shines in the night sky, as Two-Face has hit the Second National Bank on the second anniversary of the first time Batman captured him. Chase Meridian, and she flirts inappropriately with Batman in the middle of a crime.Two-Face locks a guard in a vault, and uses him as bait for Batman, who tries to rescue the guard.

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Later, Bruce Wayne tours one of his scientific facilities, where he meets Edward Nygma, who has developed something that can project images into people’s brainwaves.

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