Who is dating matt damon

Who is dating matt damon

But Damon believes that pairing up with a “civilian” is precisely how he’s kept any sort of normalcy in his life.

Just look at how different his experience with the paparazzi has been to that of Affleck’s.

“That dorky guy ended up being the love of my life.”When Affleck and Garner’s separation was announced last year, Damon was once again asked if he had any relationship expertise to share with his friend. “It’s a crazy idea, but I love being married to my wife,” before adding, “I’m lucky I found my wife.

And I guess maybe, if there’s any secret, it’s to feel lucky.” A movie star walks into a random bar one night and happens to strike up a conversation with a bartender, who is completely clueless to his identity.

The 46-year-old actor looked handsome in a black tux as his wife went glam in a sparkly, maroon dress.

“He looked a little like that guy from the silly Will Smith movie about golf, only pudgier,” the invite read.

While their rule doesn’t quite reach the epic levels of Paul Mc Cartney and his late wife Linda’s inseparability (in 29 years of marriage, they only spent 11 days apart), for an in-demand film star, it’s still pretty impressive.

When he was cast in Clint Eastwood’s , which was shot in South Africa, Damon not only flew his family over for the filming, he also brought along his 11-year-old daughter’s entire class for a 10-day field trip.

That's probably why some people, including celebs, try to make it a little easier (at least on themselves).

In an effort to avoid the back-and-forth, the pleading, the crying, the fighting, etc., certain stars opted to ditch the old-fashioned method of confrontation and resorted to other platforms to get the news across—thereby earning themselves a spot on our list of five of the worst breakup-etiquette offenders. Katy Perry & Russell Brand: The pop star recently revealed how she learned of her impending divorce from the British comedian—and it wasn't during a face-to-face conversation."He's a very smart man, a magical man and I was in love with him when I married him," Perry said during an interview with star was just keeping up with her social-media updates when she happened upon some bad news—about her own marriage."I literally was lying in bed and I looked at Twitter and it was going crazy," Porsha told ABC News.

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The star said, “We would hope that by the time my children are of the age of consent that this is long in the rear view mirror and we don't have to worry about it.” While he is always mindful of the state of the world, Clooney still manages to have a little fun.

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