Who is andre benjamin dating

Who is andre benjamin dating

The Marijuana Tax Act is passed, a prohibitive tax on hemp in the USA, effectively destroying the industry.

Anslinger testifies to congress that 'Marijuana' is the most violence causing drug known to man.

The United States government has published numerous reports and other documents on hemp dating back to the beginnings of our country.1945: The war ends and so does "Hemp for Victory".

Feral hemp, "ditch weed", still lines the back roads, waterways, and irrigation ditches of most Midwestern states, 60 years descended from "Hemp for Victory!

There is no doubt in our minds that, from the beginning of human existence until 1937, hemp was the most important crop that man used.

Food, fuel, clothing, shelter -- all available in a package the size of a peppercorn, which will grow anywhere man can live.

Dupont developed and patented fuel additives such as tetraethyl lead and other petroleum based products like nylon, cellophane and plastics during this time.Hemp was a major crop until the 1920's, supplying the world with its main supply of food and fiber (80% of clothing was made from Hemp).1807: Napoleon signs a Treaty with Russia, which cuts off all legal Russian hemp trade with Britain.Then The Czar refuses to enforce the Treaty and turns a blind eye to Britain's illegal trade in Hemp.1812 -- 24th June: Napoleon invades Russia aiming to put an end to Britain's main supply of Hemp.Japan continued to use hemp throughout thier history.Shinto priests, and royal family wore special hempen clothes.10th Century: A treatise on hunting by Syrian Sid Mohammed El Mangali records hemp's use for game netting, and hemp seeds for bird lime.

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