Where is an honest person from 34,000,000 rubles?

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

It was the question that I was in the title, and with some kind of bad frustration sounded in PM.

Since we have more than widespread the belief that «on the works of the righteous will not be cautious, the chambers of the stone» (as you can see — even the proverb that is related to), then I decided that it is worth working to eradicate such views. But in fact, there is nothing worse than the situation when half the country is convinced that plowing in the sweat of the face for the benefit of their family, their children and grandchildren, trying to create a condition for them — it is useless. All the same «deceived», «will not pay», «steal», «all good posts are occupied by their» etc. » etc. So you can live «Neither Shalko nor Valko, to earn an average salary, so that there are enough bread. Children will grow up — they will also spin like squirrels in the wheel, from salary to salary.

I wanted for my family, for my son and his future grandchildren to break this vicious circle.

My starting position was not the best and not worse — I would say slightly above average. In the asset — a good education is a lawyer’s diploma and knowledge of English. In passive — a pregnant wife, the lack of even minimal support for parents and 1999 year in the yard. If anyone forgot — I remind: 1999 is the same year that immediately in the 1998th. And in 1998 a crisis broke out in the country. In general, not at the best year, our family began conquering Moscow)) But the rental of a brittle odnushki on the fifth floor «Khrushche» cost only 150 dollars.

First, just search for work that is not. Then the search for a higher paying work. Then a strategic decision is to go for less money, but becoming the head of the department in completely funny years. Then still work. And further. And further.

And all this time does not dissolve yourself in terms of consumption, but try to make savings. The son was in a younger school when I began to postpone the first money on His Harvard (running forward — did not come together))) The Son is studying in Moscow State University), because you need to think about the distant prospects and take care of the children in advance — so that they do not have to We, for the last money, rent a broken odnushki on the fifth floor «Khrushche»))

When savings appeared — there were thoughts on how to put them correctly. Gold and real estate became the first types of investment. Gold gave excellent results. Real estate, apparently, not mine. Somehow it is not very good for me to make up the story of investments, if you write about it in more detail.

Shares studied carefully — the benefit of the main work was engaged in securities and well understood their nature and mechanisms. But determination to invest in stocks (it is precisely invested — seriously, serious sums, and did not find it in itself). I tried to put a little in 2005. For a few months I realized that this is not my own — hassle and had enough. And came out from the market in zero. Then I read the quotation of some speculatant that «on our cruel market, the zero result is not considered bad» and with a laugh showed it to colleagues, illustrating their experience speculating on the stock exchange))

Then there were attempts to conduct business in parallel with the main job — so as not to be verbal, these attempts brought only experience)))

Attachments were successful in Bitcoin. In the article «

In 2019, when I left office work in a self-employment, I made a deposit of 16 million rubles. It was assumed to quietly receive coupons, sitting in reliable bonds and slowly raging the score as I bring money from investments in real estate. But, «a person suggests, and God has» … or even rather, «you want to laugh God — tell him about my plans»)))

At the beginning of 2020, our wise leaders dropped immediately oil and ruble exchange rate. Now, against the background of the next falls of the course, it is already somehow much and is not remembered, and here, then, honestly, I psychulin. Seeing how my «stable package of reliable bonds» rapidly cheaper (and I am not about «paper» decrease in the price of the terminal screen — I am about the purchasing power of rubles, in which these bonds are evaluated — I understood my strategic mistake. And immediately corrected it. I sold all bonds to the damn grandmother, fixing the loss (the portfolio lost from 16 to 14 million). Never never buy bonds)))) I bought for all the money of Yandex.

Sold shares Yandex in the summer for 24 million calmed down. Replenished the portfolio coming from the sale of real estate and return debts with oldest debtors. He conducted several very successful operations with Maul.ru and ZPIF FPR. By the way, taking this opportunity, I want to express my great gratitude to the «Investor-Self-taught» channel — believe me, this woman has an intuition, like a fortune-tailed, and the sense of humor is beautiful — so it is a pleasure to read it, and this reading brings tangible money benefits. Personally, my profit from reading its channel is currently about 600,000 rubles recorded profits on the CPIF FPR. So boldly recommend her channel to everyone.

So I have formed something about what you see in the article «