Where did the money on the market?

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Where did the firewood from? — «From the forest, internically …»

(C) N.A. Nekrasov

Often I meet the phrase of «experienced» market veterans — «Your earnings on the market are someone’s losses.» Simply put: Your profit is someone’s damage.

At first glance, everything looks logical — after all, Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov explained popularly: «

But in the case of the securities market, the approval of the combination of winnings and losses (the «Yin-Yane» market) will be «logical» only at first glance.

Let’s deal with.

The experienced veterans of the market «, speaking about the balance of» winnings and losing on the market, spelled them, all as a selection will be speculators. And the speculatant in the market, indeed, there is a so-called «game with zero amount» — it plays against other market participants and the profit of the speculator is always a loss.

But this is a purely speculant — a look at the securities market would be faithful if the market was just a casino, a sort of saloon, where dashing guys make bets against each other.

The simplest market model — according to speculators, is a group of friends who gathered to play poker. In this case, any obvious thing is that only those money that friends will be won.

But after all, the stock market is different. More difficult than just a casino.

For speculatory, the market is a really «game with zero amount.» After having bought stocks, the speculator will not work on them until he sells them. That is, he must find on these shares of the buyer.

Where does the buyer come from? Initially, the buyer had to bring them somewhere to the market.

What happened after the buyer acquired a stock in a speculator (let’s say, in our example, the speculator has been successful and sold the buyer a more expensive than bought himself)? In the view of the speculator happened this:

Speculant received a profit (he sold the stock more expensive than bought)

Profit Speculant received at the expense of the buyer (after all, this money was profitable)

While the buyer will not sell any shares to someone — there will be nothing good for the buyer in life

Here at paragraph 3 I propose to stop and look at it more closely.

The fact is that for most speculators there is no difference than to speculate and on which market: it is that Forex, that the stocks are fubes on the grain that Bitcoin. In fact, they traded the lines in the application and perceive the asset as a graph for the TEXANALIA.

In the case of bitcoin or forex — everything is so. Before you sell them — they will not bring you anything — no matter how cool, but these are pure speculative tools that have no other practical application — only resale to other bidders.

However, in our example, when the buyer acquired the promotions from speculators, and not bitcoins and non-grain futures, everything is much more interesting.

Promotion is a share in the company. If the company is good (

What is dividends?

This is part of the company’s profits, which she shares with shareholders, I repeat once again.

That is, in our example with a speculator and a buyer of its shares, the following refinement occurs:

Still appear 4. When the buyer can simply get dividends from the company. No one sells its shares.

Stop. But where are someone losses here? After all, experienced traders assured us that the earnings of someone on the market is always a loss of someone else.

Let’s look more closely.

Suppose the speculator in our example sold Gazprom shares.

And the investor’s buyer is going to receive dividends from this very Gazprom.

Investor buyer will receive a profit? Gets — Dividends will list him.

And someone suffered a loss? No one.

But where did the money come from?

This is money that consumers paid Gazprom for supplied gas.

But after all, consumers received gas for their money — no one lost anything. Everything in plus:

Consumers are heated by gas.

Gazprom makes profit.

Investor — gets dividends.

Beauty and harmony))


Money comes to the securities market in two ways:

So we seem to be forced to fix the bloodthirsty-minded speculators — there is earnings on the market, which is not related to any losses.

This is the earnings that you get together in a good, profitable company whose shares you purchased. It sounds simple — while this is a straight road to becoming a real millionaire))