What is the stock exchange, shares, bonds?

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Complicate — just, simplify — difficult.»

(c) «Laws of Murphy» A. Bloch

Last year, a record number of new investors came to the Russian securities market. On the stock exchange, that is, in simple saying.

For this very stock, the state long lures people using all available pedagogical methods. And the methods of these, from ancient times, let me forgive me Makarenko and Pestalozzi, no one has come up with. Methods are only two. Carrot and stick.

The whip is the mockery interest rates in banks: the key rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is nowhere below, and for it and rates on bank deposits fell on the bottom.

Gingerbread The government also issued a lot, we will be objective — here you and IIS with benefits (they reimburse Ndfl to the attached amount of up to 400 thousand a year — that is, a gift from the state in the amount of 52 thousand a year, only come to the stock exchange, you are our own man), There are also tax breaks at the ownership of securities over three years (do not pay personal income tax on sale).

In general, they are lured on the stock exchange of people quite intelligently, and bait and «kicks» are solid. Yes, only people are still doubting. Unusually somehow a Russian on the stock exchange goes — even on the work of the work, the unemployed is reluctant, and the blood of dragging can be dragged anyway …

What is this beast at all? What is it eating? How to cook it? Here it is necessary to figure it out. But the channel readers, as usual is lucky — everything can be found right here «without departing from the cash register», in the easiest accessible and responding form))

Material investors, «broken wolves» of the financial market, probably, it is better not to spend your priceless time on this article: after all, time is money, and the time of such people is very expensive.

Immediately warning — in accordance with the epigraph of the article, everyone will try to simplify as much as possible. Who wants to dive more deeply into the world of the Exchange — this will not have to be limited to reading one article))


To start with Azov, we must understand the first postulate of the world of Finance, where our fellow Russian is going to join. And this very first and most important postulate:

On the examples you will understand it even easier.

If you keep money at home under the mattress — you, conditionally, have

If we attribute them to a reliable state bank for a deposit —

We want to increase the risk — attribute money to a deposit into a non-state and less reliable bank — it will give you a higher interest rate on the deposit. That is, you see — risk is growing — increasing and profitability. As mentioned above —


Go actually to the stock exchange. Exchange are different: commodity, raw materials, labor exchange happens. Today we will talk about

So, the stock exchange is the market. That is, just a place where bidding are organized. There are sellers and buyers and sell securities to each other. What we need to know about the stock exchange to invest, firstly, consciously, and, secondly, without experiencing a wonderful thing for invested money?

No, guys, the modern market of securities in Russia is far from MMM. We, of course, to the American bureaucracy are still far away — there the market is regulated, as in the saying «Step to the right, step left — an attempt to escape», but we are all very strictly, believe me to a grievous lawyer: if you lose your money on the stock exchange , only strictly according to the law and by the rules, failed there.

There are different tools in which you can enable on the stock exchange — depending on your risk-profile or «risk appetite». You remember that the basic ratio is more risk — more possible, but not guaranteed profitability? That’s the way everything is.

For bonds paid

Since the bond is a debt, most often it has a maturity date (

Bonds produce different borrowers. It is not difficult to guess that

In conclusion, probably, it is worth saying that long-term cautious investors definitely prefer blue chips and preferred shares — to sit and quietly receive dividends, not surviving for the fate of the issuer. So-called

Well, I think, for the first acquaintance with the exchange material, it is enough — and so people will repay me for the craving for long items))

People have no time to read — they are already preparing for practical investment activities — because only practice will make them