What is business for?

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I, as a lawyer, the answer to the question about the meaning of their existence always seemed obvious — the profit to extract. So we and the law says. And we are law-abiding people, should be guided by law in everything.

Therefore, I was always surprised and surprised by strategic sessions and other corporate events, on which there are no unfortunate people like people — owners and business executives — stagnantly sought the meaning of the existence of their business.

Many of my colleagues were very randed from such events — work is full, and here you need to leave for three days somewhere all the office and depict dancing with a tambourine. But, I always thought peacefully — «no matter what the child would do» … or in a more political correct wording «among the rich faders».

And so

And I will say directly — it surprised me extremely. I thought that the article was not a debate — just about how civilian shareholders (owners of the share in the working business) quietly receive their share of the profits of this business in the form of dividends.

Well, I got the courage to argue that there are no victims in such a situation:

Business customers received services or goods,

Business made profit

Shareholders received part of profits in the form of dividends

All in winnings, in my opinion.

As Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky said «

It would seem — where is the soil for the controversy?


Our people saw, and here injustice.

If it were not for dividends, they say — it would be possible to pay the prices below and pay the employees above to pay.

In general, we summed up especially eloquent commentators, «

Well, let’s understand, as usual in order.

Let’s start with a simple example.

With cow.

The dividend company is often compared with the cow, so I will not originate.

Only we will take the cow usual. Alive. With horns and abuse.

And the peasant is the owner of this cow. Who dries it. Moreover, milk who wants himself to drink himself with his grandchildren, but he wants — for the dairy for money he drops. But exactly the cow or her calves returns.

Attention, a question for connoisseurs and commentators: is it possible to call this peasant a parasite, sucking for a cow? I want to tell you immediately — if you decide that «you can», then it is better for him to tell him or at least hold on to a safe distance — the peasant is not a blogger, instead of a virtual «Banhammer» can use a real shovel or fire))

And why personally seems to me that the peasant from this example is not a parasite, but a man correctly using a cow?

First, because before this cow, he bought it for a start (or raised), fed and seen, built a warm stall for her, cleaned manure. And only then came to milking with buckets.

Secondly, because the cow, which does not give milk, is not needed in the peasant economy (let’s go about the steaks in another article). So the hay, which cow chews, and a warm barn, she gets only because it gives milk.

Cow shoves the cow to give milk — go to the meat processing plant. No wonders.

So with the business — no wonders. If he ceases to make a profit of the «Garable» business owners (shareholders), then no paradise life will begin for workers — the business will simply close as non-profit, and the workers will not have a paradise life, but unemployment.

As there is no such condition in which the cow peasant feeds and warms in the barn, and she does not take away milk, so there is no condition in which a mature business does not give dividends, but his holling and cherish.

Yes, a small calf can ride with milk — but it is until time. So in business — in the startup, the entrepreneur is invested and sees the dividends of the first years. Sometimes — for many years.

But the payment of dividends is not a burden of vampires or parasites. This is a normal «daughter» of a mature business, which is already firmly on the legs.

Speaking about the purpose of the existence of a business, we often «put a cart ahead of the horse.» They say a lot, for example, about social responsibility of the business. Yes, this responsibility has a business. But only a profitable business.

I am two hands «for» that profitable enterprises will develop the infrastructure of cities and regions in which they work, helped sports sections, medical and educational institutions.

But it is easy to notice that all these right things: the development of infrastructure, hospitals, sections, schools — all this requires money. If an enterprise is not profitable — there will be no money for anything on dividends, nor at the hospital or to schools.

The non-profit enterprise will simply close, and any social responsibility of this business will end — along with the business itself.

It is worth remembering the excellent fairy tale about the peasant who slammed the chicken, which carried the golden eggs — he had few eggs, which she carried, and he was angry with her.

We give an example of the same Gazprom, which caused so much indignation in the last article. Is it not enough of the social burden? Gazprom is used for such a number of socially significant projects that they are impossible to list — from gratuitous gas supply for all memorials «Eternal Flame» to protect the population of the Amur Tiger and the content of our football (I note in brackets — this is this items of expenses I would personally have reduced .

In total, Gazprom spends charity on average from 27 to 35 billion rubles. And this is not counting the projects that are not considered charitable — as, for example, the construction of Olympic facilities.

Almost the same can be said about any mature company paying dividends.

Yes, these companies are rich. Very rich. But where did you see the poor in favor of charity? What funds a poor person (or poor company) can do charity? If companies stop well earn money — but to earn good for a mature company means, including to pay decent dividends to shareholders — these companies will close. And it will not be better from this. And worse will become many.

Let’s summarize.

Business takes place different stages of life.

At the «children’s» stage — at the level of the startup or «teenage» stage (initial growth), the business itself needs help. It is still weak and barely stands on the legs. Here it helps the money shareholders — only investing in its capital.

But at the mature stage, «adult» business is capable of not only to do without the help of shareholders, but may already be generated for shareholders of dividends.