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Also determining when the move stopped would be an interesting question for computer vision to solve.

These kinds of problems have been solved in other situations, but not with 100% accuracy, and certainly not at prices that are even close to being competitive with the DGT board.

We need to find a way to communicate the idea to professors.

Maybe with two cameras placed in two different locations this can be done reliably.

But then my programming background kicked in and I thought "there must be some software that can process a movie and write the PGN". I think the board has to be filmed from top-down to produce a "2D"-image.

Then in 2014 other students created a better version for Android named chesstrack.

Oh by the way, what you're asking for is done already, but not using software as far as I know, there's an old project that was coded using Pascal, cameras placed over the board, robots do image processing and make a move. Edit: promoting to anything different than queen will make everything explode.

It will also be very hard to support this (my program for Part 2 supports underpromotion, but storing the info of Part 1 purely by reading pixels is a nightmare).

Sometimes during blitz games over the board, or when in zeitnot, it gets very difficult to annotate them.

I've seen several software / hardware to help in writing the notation, even one that's FIDE approved; these require that you repeat the moves on the device.

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That was easy, now the hard part, you need to start doing image processioning, for that, the most powerful is Open CV.

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