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Vba code screenupdating

This tells the program to go back to the label "Before Exit", and screen updating will be switched back on before exit.

In normal mode Excel will recalculate, if you change a cell value that affects other cell values.

Most of us use macros to automate processes that we repeat or that require specialized knowledge.

Use the following statements to disable and enable this feature: Disabling screen updates won't disable the Status Bar, which displays information during normal operations, including what your macro is doing. For example, the following recorder code applies italics to C4: C62: Macro2() accomplishes the same thing with one line of code and without selecting the range.

In this case, it's more efficient to define a variable with the value in I4 and use the variable, as follows: Function Return Fee Fast() Dim int Fee As Integer int Fee = Range("I4").

Value Select Case int Fee Case 1 Return Fee = int Fee * 10 Case 2 Return Fee = int Fee * 20 Case 3 Return Fee = int Fee * 30 Case 4 Return Fee = int Fee * 40 Case 5 Return Fee = int Fee * 50 End Select Msg Box Return Fee, vb OKOnly End Function Please forgive the obnoxiously contrived examples, but the concept is the point, not the code's purpose.

To disable updates to the Status Bar, use the Display Status Bar property as follows: If your macro is analyzing a lot of data, consider setting the Calculation property to Manual while the macro is running. Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic Macros can trigger unnecessary event procedures. In short, you simply combine the two statements and delete the Select method and the Selection object.

That way, the workbook won't recalculate unless you force it to by pressing F9. Display Status Bar = False 'macro code Application. For instance, entering a value into a cell triggers the Worksheet_Change event. The optimized code is more efficient and less prone to runtime errors.

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