Validating javascript text fields

We do all this in our free time and you don't have to pay a penny for this software. But still I am forced to enter email address in the text field.Without your help we can't keep this project alive. I can not navigate to next page without answering to this question.This features is available in Lime Survey 1.92 RC1.1.92 RC2 adds support for validation within Array Multi-Flexi Text.For numeric fields, there is a convenient way to validate a value range, but we want to select to run a custom validation script.After the “Edit” button is clicked, a new window will open that allows us to edit the new script: This script also includes a check for an empty string, so that the user can wipe out a wrong string and start from scratch.Hi All, I have a question which asks the individual for their email and phone number(question type is multiple short text).But as I can see that there is no validation for particular option box. I have tried everything from past 2 week with no success.

To learn more about the event object, take a look at JS.88.560– make sure to click on the button in the upper left corner to display the navigation pane if it’s not shown automatically.

Surely you can use Lime Survey elements (text questions) as your inputs. first i found the error in now its the script is like this everthing else was just to understand how it works sorry for confusion.

my question is like this ID:5 Textarea: "Innput your ID" pressing the source button and insert i hope to accomplish this: 1: force a input of existing ID (checks true false and send it back than i could display true/false) 2: input in question5 has to be stored in database of survey 3: submit button of form#limesurvey returns true if returns true and my idea was to do this by checking a hidden input (id=check_01) im totally inexperienced and this is my first try and me best idea to do it.

In that case, the previous value of the field is restored, and the user has to enter the data again.

This is not always desired (for more complicated data, it will probably be much easier to take a look, correct that one typo and continue with the rest of the form), so my preference is actually to mark the field so that the user knows which field needs to be corrected, and have the validation script not report a validation error back to the field: Using this method has implications on the form submission process: The form no longer can verify that the data is correct, so the submission function needs to do another round of validation to see if any of the required fields are not correct (one way to do that is to test all relevant fields to see if the text color is using the error color, or we can use global variables to store the validation state).

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