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Although a decrease in occurrence of repetitively forming functional ovarian cysts is possible, treatment to either speed the resolution of existing ovarian cysts or to treat functional ovarian cysts secondary to ovulation induction has not been established.

The likelihood of suppressing ovarian cyst formation is greatest with 50-mcg ethinyl estradiol–containing monophasic formulations but 35-mcg ethinyl estradiol–containing monophasic formulations are used effectively, also.

Sometimes endometriotic symptoms may increase before improvement is noted.

Gonadotropin inhibitor, female, noncontraceptive use—Suppressed ovarian steroidogenesis secondary to LH concentration reduction prevents ovarian cyst formation in functional ovarian cysts, corpus luteum cysts, or polycystic ovary syndrome.

The range of failure rates in the clinical trials may be explained by interstudy variations in study design or patient population characteristics, such as motivation, fecundity, or socioeconomic factors (including education).

The third column indicates contraceptive failure rates in the first year of contraceptive use under clinical conditions for typical couples who start using a method (not necessarily for the first time).

The first column lists the contraceptive method used.

Desogestrel and norgestimate additionally improve acne or hirsutism conditions because of their high level of progestational effects and absence of androgenic a hormonal treatment for hypoestrogenic or hyperandrogenic conditions, which may present as menstrual cycle abnormalities or unusual uterine bleeding, such as amenorrhea, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, or hypermenorrhea.When treating amenorrhea and hypermenorrhea, the abnormality should be diagnosed first and then treated appropriately; oral contraceptives have limited use for treating conditions not caused by a hypoestrogenic or hyperandrogenic state. If contraception is not needed, prostaglandin-inhibiting medications, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), are used.Suppression is least likely with triphasic formulations.In addition to suppression of ovarian steroidogenesis, there is an increase in sex hormone–binding globulin, which binds testosterone and decreases the quantity of free hormone.

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