Updating asus live update

It checks for software udpates and automatically downloads and installs them if found. It can not be set to quietly run in the background - no idea what the schedule is as it is constantly popping up nag windows that it needs administrator permission to make changes to the computer.

This pop-up will not go away unless yes/or no is clicked on. Ii also pops up the taskbar back on from hiding - which makes it impossible to activate any security notes under the taskbar.

You can activate System and Network Guards and forget about malware.

In my opinion Asus Liveupdate behaves like spyware, not updating , but constantly harvesting information about user activities..

Such software is optional and can be safely removed if you do not utilize the features of the progam.

ASUS Live Update is the software updater program which runs in the background of Windows and automatically starts up when your PC boots.

It is typically pre-installed with most new ASUS computers.

The most common release is 2.5.9, with over 98% of all installations currently using this version.

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Now I do get nag pop ups from Windows that it can't find it.

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