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Nobody said at any point that it was the victims fault, but the simple fact is that there are nasty people out there in the big bad world and we should all be wary for our own good.The bleeding hearts and artists would love to live in a lovey dovey world, but it doesn't exist, unfortunately.

Society has become all wrong and is not working for the poor and vulnerable, I do not believe we should be sending so much foreign aid overseas while we have an epidemic here that seems to be being addressed at a snails pace, please help me to understand why we are allowing this to happen.

Shame on you Newstalk for bowing to certain social media and vested interests.

Freedom of speech should be applauded and not censored.

He is a decent man - as stated in no way condoned rape, and has been badly let down by Newstalk and vested interests.

Boycott Newstalk and those sponsors until he is reinstated !

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The sisterhood however simply refuse see this and insist that a woman should be free to go where she wishes with no thought to the prospect of any lurking danger.

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