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Synopsis: The first chapter in a long science fiction novel set in the not too distant future about a planet on the far edge of the galaxy where just about everything is legal, and a ship's crew on shore leave there. No, he had only one interest in his life now, one solitary passion that consumed his every waking moment.

Well it's been good but this update now comes to an end.

I've been putting this one together for weeks and weeks and even more weeks so hopefully you enjoyed surfing it otherwise it was all a giant waste of my time.

Footsteps echoed off the stone and his security chief strode into view in his black and grey uniform. The man had been with him for years, his hair starting to grey at the temples but his body still whipcord tough.

He was in charge of the estate's two hundred man security force, and fully aware of his boss' vision for the future of his planet.

And unlike many men before him, he was in a unique position to -- perhaps -- realize his lofty goal. The man was alone for the moment, though he could hear the incessant bustle of his employees echoing through the halls.

The huge dining table, the expensive chairs and sofas, the two huge flatscreens.

The robe was woven of light grey and ruby red fauxsilk, brilliant flowers embroidered on its lapels. The hallway they were moving down was cavernous, over four meters wide and nearly as high.

A wide fabric runner ran down its center and muffled their footsteps; the stone walls had a tendency to turn the entire house into an echo chamber.

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Sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up?

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PROLOGUE He toyed with the food in front of him, then pushed the plate away. Hadn't been, actually, for weeks, and could hardly sleep, but he'd managed to keep it a secret. He was in better shape now than he'd been at twenty-five. The dream of a new world - no, make that a different world.

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