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During the 9th century in Oviedo, Roman style property law is common.

9th century documents also indicate small scale aristocracies across the kingdom, as well as a large presence of a landowning peasantry.

In the 16th century, the only manuscript of Eulogius's writings was discovered in the Oviedo Cathedral Library.

Here it was copied once before it disappeared completely from the library.

Alfonso III's contributions to building construction are not nearly as well documented as Ramiro I's or Alfonso II's contributions.

The Chronicle of Alfonso III does not mention any buildings created by Alfonso III, neither does the Chronicle of Albelda.

The Church Santa Maria de Naranco was likely to originally be Ramiro I's palace and later changed into a church.

The resulting Kingdom of Asturias, located in an economically poor region of the peninsula, was largely ignored by the Muslims.

In 720, the area where Oviedo is now located was still uninhabited.), founded the city in 761.

Once kings had settled in Oviedo, they adopted as much of the architectural style and imagery of Toledo.

Even with this in mind, Oviedo did not necessarily resemble the old Visigothic capital in Toledo.

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Following an offensive in 881 against an Umayyad army, Alfsonso III returned to Oviedo to rebuild churches.

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