Top 5 shares for purchase in 2021.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«There is a one who gently steps.»

Eastern wisdom

By the way, everything written in the article is not individual investment recommendations. And how can it be «individual recommendations», if I write it thousands of people ??? )))

New Year rushes to us, everything will happen soon))

And what, in fact, will happen? We will eat salad, listen to the congratulation of the emperor (give him the God of Health for another one hundred years — we, investors, always for stability), and under the alarm of the Kurats, make desires.

And what are the investor desire? New Year is already on the nose, it is time to define that we will be desired? Sign the case, good papers to buy a cock. And what papers are good ??? What papers in the new year will we carefully put in our portfolios?

«The baby’s crook came to his father, and asked Kroch:

What is good and what is bad»?» (c) V. Mayakovsky

It is good that you have, I don’t even need our fathers with such questions on the eve of the holiday — I will also honestly tell you and explain the most detailed way.

So, dear readers, to begin with you will have to turn to such a concept as «risk profile». The fact is that you are all very different.

There are essential matrons among you, the mother of the family who cannot afford non-promotional behavior, and they invest carefully and accurately, each investment should be turned to a milligram (as neatly they probably laid the spices in their corporate soup), and there Desperate Sorvigolov, ready for the sake of the chance of superfreight to risk a whole deposit.

The hedgehog is understandable that recommendations for people with such a different approach to investments (or, as they say in the world of investments — with different «risk profile») — can not be the same.

This article, and this top 5 shares I specifically prepared

But also the reckless flibuses of the financial market should not be offended at me. The top 5 shares for the most courageous is already preparing and will soon be presented for your review.

To start a couple of words about how in principle, the paper got into this top (for cautious investors, I repeat once again. Here safety, nevertheless, and not profitability, was put at the head of the corner.)

First requirement

The second requirement is high and regular dividends.

Third requirement — growth prospect

Fourth requirement — pandemic threat resistance

So, let’s begin.

I think this purchase will not let you down, and will help not be the fastest way, but without any unnecessary nervous