Top 5 shares for purchase in 2021.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«There are few trucks, here and there is no leaders.»

(c) V. Vysotsky

If even K.

First, she immediately thought as an article for the most recklessness of the peace of finance.

Secondly, I write it with a temperature high, so, I’m afraid I myself, and then I will not remember half a half that it is good — it’s good that you can read and terrible))

Well, thirdly, friends — what can individual recommendations on online on an open channel? Individual recommendations — the case is deeply personal. Come to visit, for a cup of tea in a private atmosphere will make you an individual investment plan.

Now that all young financial talents contained in the content article are warned — continue discussion exclusively for your fear and risk))


This rating will not be similar to the past. No, you know, suspended solutions, balance sheets, ratios the risk-yield and other lyrics will not be here. No, welcome to the «World of Cleaist and Nazi». Here, only one criterion will be erected on the pedestal — profits. Only she. Well, of course, the test of common sense.

When I say «testing common sense» — this means that all the same is completely plentyful options, such as the purchase of Mechel «on the whole kitlet», we will throw off, despite all the attractiveness on potential yield)) I will tell you more — we even quiwi in the current Situations look too similar to «Russian roulette», and we are still writing about the investment about the investment, albeit about aggressive, and not about gambling.

Well, dear my readers, «long wires — extra tears», let’s go to the issuers. Or even one can say — to nominees. Since the criteria are not such clear and concise, as they were cautious (or, as they would have told on RBC — conservative) Investments — then we will need a couple of words to describe every nominee and report what he does in our top and how came here.

Fifth place.

At first glance, dryly analyzing the financial indicators of the company «Cost Investor» — yes. After all, the company is cheaper than only one cache on her deposits. In the second look … The company is opaque as the Baskerville bog, and such can remain, as life has shown — decades. In the year, when the company becomes transparent — the market can appreciate it and three, and is four times more expensive — easily. But why, in the Renaissance capital, they decided that it would happen exactly 2021 — one God is known. Other analysts do not share their optimism.

Ready to bet on Surgut and Renaissance? Personally, I am not.

But — due to the enormous potential yield predicted by an authoritative source and not without a serious reason — the company takes

Fourth place.

Third place

Second place.

First place. At the first place

This is China’s largest telecommunications company, the largest telecom operator in the world by the number of subscribers. They even pay dividends — just less than 5%.

The risks are partially similar to Ali — there is a threat to delisting in the United States, but with the arrival of Byyden, in theory, must dissolve.

And this is known since childhood: the most tasty is always unavailable ((

This beautiful Issuer is available only at the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange. For the sake of «Chinese MTS» on St. Petersburg I do not want to register, so this magnificent rocket takes off, apparently without me))

Well, nothing, according to my calculations personally to me and what is trading on the mosbery, should be enough to become