Top 5 shares for long-term investors

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Where the Russian flag raise, it should not descend there.»

(c) Nicholas I

As usual — the article does not contain any individual investment recommendations. And the article does not contain any GMO, transgins and generally harmful impurities — only the author’s thoughts about the stock market, which he shares with readers))

Spirit of contradictions Silen in our people. Apparently, the people with a less developed spirit of contradictions and could not settle these harsh places. The usual tribes, as looked at the Russian winter — so immediately drew in horror and settled not north of Belgorod. And our ancestors from pure stubbornness and spirit of contradictions built in these uncomfortable places at first the hut, then the city, and then the biggest, beautiful and rich country in the world))

So the reaction of our people on the read material is completely unpredictable.

According to the results of the article «Passive income, dividend briefcase and emelya on the furnace», where I tried to explain why the same stocks will not get to buy once, so as not to disappoint in this purchase ever, I began to ask me — «Well, all -taki — what shares on the Russian market can be bought for a hundred years and not sell ??? » That’s how. «We are not given to predict how the word ours will respond» — the poet was right))

Even this article — with the top of the shares, it was for the long-term investment asked to do. Well, what remains me ??? VOX POPULI- VOX DEI. Glow of the people — Glasa of God. It is necessary to make an article)) Especially since I am in the trend of popular wishes — I plan to procure and think about the issuers that you can own a very long time. But still — not forever.

In principle, if people are able to separate one concept from another — then there will be no contradiction — «long-term» is not «forever»))

In general, dear readers, you will soon soon remember the funny days, when that a month — and the «unreal millionaire» new purchases or new sales, it was about what to do and whom the speculator call)) everything, as law enforcement officers say: «firmly I got up on the path of correction «- now in the foreseeable future only long and tedious expectations of replenishing account and reinvesting dividends))

Well, let’s go to make our top truly long-term investments? Well, let’s first of all understand what we need to take action to interesting in the long run.

So let’s summarize what we have as criteria? We need:

A large, stable, growing company, in a strategically promising sector of the economy, regularly by paying dividends.

Well, wow «modest» requests))) Ostap Bender would say: «Or maybe you still have the key from the apartment where the money is lying?»)))

However, as Vladimir Ilyich said correctly — «There is such a party!»

We didn’t even find one.


In fifth place

The company produces a wide range of synthetic rubbers and plastics, highly demanded in Russia and around the world. And if the change of cars with electric vehicles is a question of tomorrow, then we will clearly soon in quadcopters, we will clearly soon — which is also the demand for high-quality synthetic rubbers, which NKN supplies such well-known tire manufacturers like Pirelli, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin — will only grow .

The consumption of plastic worldwide, despite the moans of ecologists, only increases the year from year to year — so this trend is unlikely to be reversed in the near future (rather learn to massively do more eco-friendly and biodegradable plastics — which is already practiced). TOTAL — the industry is strategically promising.

What about the company? Does our criteria do it?

Large and stable? YES

Growing? YES


In fourth place

In a special submission, the company does not need, let’s just go through our criteria and check whether it is suitable for truly long-term investments?

Perspective branch of the economy? YES.

Large and stable? YES.

Growing? YES.

Dividends? YES.

Prices for FozAgro shares, however, bite, but I, for example, do not lose hope to buy them during this year with a discount: The ruble is going to strengthen, this is once, and many investors can see the forecasts by 5% dividends, «Near» — this two. On these two factors, weak handms may not keep the FozAgro stock — here we must choose them into our long-term portfolio)) But life will show, maybe these rainbow forecasts will not come true and I will have to buy a phosagro more than today))

So — the company occupies a well-deserved place in our top. And if not the first place, then not because the company is even bad, but only because there are companies even better. Well, the best, as you know, the enemy is good))

On the third place

Perspective branch of the economy? YES.

Large and stable? YES.

Growing? YES.

Dividends? YES.

So deserved «prize» third place in our top))

In second place

Perspective branch of the economy? YES.

Large and stable? YES.

Growing? YES.

Dividends? YES.

As for the purchase of Rusagro right now — I would like a little. On a very competent website, the income rules planned in April dividends are indicated in microscopic size. And the investment continues to seduce investors of 5% of payments. There is an opinion that a high-income analyst is working in the income, a high-income analyst knows about dividends and to his opinion should be listened. Based on this, it seems that when the people find out that with 5% of Divov in April, it was not less than with VTB divas — there will be a certain drawdown on the shares of Rusagro — that’s where you want to buy them. Meanwhile, the decline in dividends in a situation where the «party and government» took care of agricultural producers and introduced export duties — this is a sound decision of Rusagro. And the investor who is going to buy stocks for a long time, can only approve it — not from buying Agro-Belogori to refuse, in fact? And something will have to save now?

By the way, it is good that I have a channel without politics, otherwise I could not stay from stinging comments now: Well, as possible in 2018, I urge the export of agricultural products to $ 45 billion a year, «and in 2020, as soon as this Exports went uphill and reached 25 billion (still nifiga not 45 billion, pay attention) — immediately enter duties?


Let’s look at the leader.

At the first place

I also wrote about the company, so I will not be too deepened. Let’s go through our criteria — is it all right with her? Did she get into the top right — and even in first place?

Perspective branch of the economy? YES.

Large and stable? YES.

Growing? Muchly.

Dividends? YES.

Why does Nickel take first place? If briefly — he was lucky. In addition to the fact that its metals are extremely demanded by the market and more and more — it takes a unique field, in fact — no need for «no mind, no fantasy, to flourish when you sit on the deposits of metals that are continuously expensive, and need The market is in incredible volumes, and no one else in the world is not in such a quantity and of such quality. At the same time, the company has quite decent management, which is not lost in this excellent market environment, and it uses it perfectly.

Well, and a few words finally — why is my favorite polymetal not entered this top?

And because gold is not quite about the «business» — it is rather about «money». Here we disassembled companies from promising sectors of the economy. And polymetal is gold mining (first of all). That is — mining money. Real money. It is insurance against inflation and sharp movements in the economy. This is not about earning in the strategic perspective. Yes, this year or in the interval of a year or two investments in gold miners can give a tangible profit at the current market conditions — but in a long run — it is just stabilization of your portfolio.

Well, as I see — the post turned out almost the same long as the deadline for which long-term investors are going to invest. Successful to all investments — good companies from this top will not let anyone, and someone, I hope will do