Tips for dating a pro athlete

Skinny white chicks should stick with the QBs of the world.

I always say if you want to feel like a sweet tiny princess, pick a lineman.

It’s near impossible, folks, especially mid-season. Even off-season, they usually go back home to their respective families: equally as difficult.

You know that expression, “if he likes you, he will find the time”?

Obviously a lofty goal (no pun intended), but in the end potentially something really great.

When Common gets injured and his return to the Nets is questionable, Morgan jets.Dating an athlete is fun and all, but just know that the diamonds in the rough are truly hard to find, and a diamond on your finger is even more elusive than that. Most importantly, I now present to you the Golden Rule of pro-athlete dating: keep your legs closed and your lips sealed until you guys are seriously dating. Not that I would ever presume to understand the male athlete’s mind, but they just don’t have time for all that chick stuff.They are focused on their careers, looking to make it big, just like we all are in life.

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