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For instance, there is a missing value shown as Na N (Not a Number). Melting is parameterised by a list of columns that are already variables, or id_vars for short.

Let's say we want to ignore the corresponding observation. The only way is to loop over a 2D matrix and test each time if the value is a number or not. A much better way is to reorganize data in a tidy form, with one observation per row. The rest of this post will go through most of the examples used by Wickham in his article to show how to turn messy data sets into tidy ones. He actually is the main author of many popular R packages for data preparation and data visualization. The other columns are converted into two variables: a new variable called variable that contains repeated column headings and a new variable called value that contains the concatenated data values from the previously separate columns." The melt function is key, but it is not always sufficient, as we will see with additional examples used by Wickham.

See your article appearing on the Geeksfor Geeks main page and help other Geeks.It comes from a report produced by the Pew Research Center, an American think-tank that collects data on attitudes to topics ranging from religion to the internet, and produces many reports that contain datasets in this format."It has variables in individual columns (id, year, month), spread across columns (day, d1-d31) and across rows (tmin,tmax) (minimum and maximum temperature).Months with less than 31 days have structural missing values for the last day(s) of the month.Should they be replaced by 0, or by some average value?Shouldn't we rather get rid of the observations with missing values?

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I recommend reading it, but I'll try to convey the idea here. The datasets are made of tables with observations in rows, variables in columns.

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