The stock market is a damning field.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«All I can offer you is blood, grave work, tears and sweat»

(c) W. Churchill. Speech in the House of Communities on May 13, 1940

It will be a sad article.

Nifiga is not fun.

Of course, I will try to dilute it with some jokes, but the topic is unpleasant and most readers will upset. Why did I write it all the same? Because I respect my readers. I think that despite the unpleasant taste — you are worthy of knowing the truth, and you are able to cope with her.

At one time, Churchill, when he was called for the post of Prime Minister of Britain in difficult wartime, at the very beginning of World War II, made a speech, the words from which I was in the epigraph. He did not make the truth, because he respected his fellow citizens and believed in their courage and the ability to read the truth.

Now there are a lot of people and organizations with tube from each iron on how the securities market will make you rich people. And if you listen to these comrades, it turns out that the most small, literally tiny sums to start investing.

Most recently, literally a few years ago, the minimum amounts from which the size of the permissible account of the broker was in the area of thirty thousand rubles. Now you can safely open an account with thousand. As far as I know — there are no restrictions on the minimum amount at all. And the numerous «guru» of the market threaten to teach you to invest and show how to properly invest your thousand. Recently saw an advertisement that was going to teach a person how to competently invest 900 rubles.

It is important to understand one point: the ratio

No, if investing the thousand rubles to the stock market, you expect 10 rubles per year of dividends — you are on the right track. But, I suspect that few people lured into the market for this particular perspective —

And if the yield on the market, he was going to look great than his «legitimate» dividends and potential (if the stars agree) the growth of the paper, the path of the novice investor ran straight and express to speculators — Daled-traders-scalpets-bankrupt — to the heat maintenance (well, If it does not stop, on time, of course, and will not leave the stock exchange, and having assured everyone acquaintances that there is no «solid deception and earn there»).

Actually — to some extent will even be right. Make money on the stock exchange and really not the most normal thing. Not for that it is intended. It is for maintaining and enforcing earned somewhere else. Here with this function she copes perfectly.

And if you come to the stock exchange in order to «quickly cut down money» — you can be among those 98% who loses money on it. Moreover, many of them lose all the money that brought to the market. Just because they wanted to use the market is not intended. This is not a «field of miracles.» Not a magic machine by the rates of your money. And even if the trading told you the «guru» — do not believe him. Just understand — if he knew how to make money trading — he would have been trading himself, and did not teach newcomers to trading))

If possible, I am an example about the field, which put in the title, a little bit, for clarity.

Exchange is a field of excellent fertile land. Beautiful, yield field. There is absolutely no problem to get a great harvest. You only need two conditions:

If you have something

If you have something to eat while the harvest matures. Those. You must be ready for

With these two conditions — even the mind does not need to be special — you know the harvest in the crop and enjoy.

But if you are trying to collect a harvest from this field, in the absence of you «seeds» — well, there is no need to be an agronomist to understand — from Nifiga, unfortunately, only Nifiga will grow.

And about speculators in the development of an «agrarian» image — the old Soviet joke remembered how the prochetter-otolovik shared experience at the congress. «We,» say — in the morning we plant potatoes into eternal maritime, and in the evening they dig «I am asked» it really grows so quickly? » «No,» answers — just want to eat very much. «

This is such a collective farmer and resemble speculators on the stock exchange — they do not give a chance of their «potato», because very hungry.

Dear readers, I want to be correctly heard:

Those who are trying to convince you that to invest in a thousand rubles per month (or three) is great — just cheating you, specially or unwittingly. Especially — those who sell courses and trainings and wants the audience to be as wide as possible, and unwittingly — those who will invest in such a dead-end method and does not see that heats on the spot.

I read the blogger, which is so «Keekechka a penny» invests for 30 years. He told himself, as he learned to save on a minibus and constantly look under his feet — there is no coin there. At the same time, published three books, where he teaches people to invest and shares his «Lifehas.» I think — it is rashly with his part — and so it’s not easy to find a trifle in our time when all the cards use. And if you still read everything in the book about your secrets of «Success» — so in general the pipe.

Another blogger-investor (very sensible, by the way, it is in investment) — writes as for 14 years, working as a realtor (in Ufa), he copied 5 million rubles per shares. And the realtor he, apparently, is sensible, and the person is nellure. Guys, realtors in Moscow this amount accumulated in two years without any complex interest. I think — and in Ufa is not so sad. At worst — and moving to Moscow — not emigration. The person did not analyze how to increase the flow of money — that’s what I drown. Fortunately for him — not at such a sad level — but he could just go.

Why do I try in articles more refer to bloggers, and not on my friends? These are people who deliberately opened their lives around, so on the one hand, on the one hand, it is correct to «show your finger» on the one, and on the other, the readers will be able to spread the original source if you wish to look at these characters))

Returning to small investments — invest at least a little bit — it is much better than not to invest in general. It makes you much smarter, financially literate, more protected and advanced than the vast majority of our compatriots. Small investments will not allow you to stay at a difficult point (like a pandemic and locked, for example) without a financial pillow. Little investments will give you the opportunity to retire some kind of increment, and each ruble may be important.

But it is better, especially if you are still young and full of strength, find a way to earn out the securities market more money that you then invest in stock. Just so you will become