The briefcase of the anniversary is 35,000,000.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«This day we brought as they could» (c).

When I first posted the screenshots of the portfolio, I immediately thought — it would be necessary to note with readers all the mileters that, as I hope, the portfolio will overcome in its progressive movement towards the bright future.

I have seen such mesh enough. The closest was at that time:

35 million rubles


40 million rubles

45, 50, 55 (…), etc. etc. 80 million rubles.

These are the Napoleonic plans. I hope that not Manilov))

So, let’s start today’s specifics.

Today we have achieved the first of the specified «milestones» — the Doros portfolio to the value of 35 million rubles. (All further screenshots are made on December 01, 2020.)

I honestly, I really wanted to quickly achieve this value, and I «Slaskham Slaky» and found 200 thousand rubles, which yesterday introduced to the brokerage account. So the portfolio reached this figure is not just an increase, but also by making additional money. No wonder in the epigraph I honestly wrote «this day we brought out, as we could»)))

As you can see, made by 200 thousand were immediately spent on the purchase of polymetal shares. Gold recently causing, and after all, the terrible virus did not go anywhere, and the paper money none of the states in the crazy pace did not stop printing — why would gold be cheaper ??? Polymetal promises wonderful dividends in the area of ​​9%, this paper advises the CIB Sber and — the final barcode — (!!!) My favorite predictor is a self-taught investor — also thinks that you have to take. So here all the stars came together, no matter how cool))). Well, you see — Polymetal tries to justify his high confidence in him and grows like a bamboo — on the screenshot he shows 6.5% for a year and a half — it exceeds the most bold expectations))

But, of course, not Polymetal and not made by 200 thousand helped us, dear readers note 35 millionth anniversary. The day on the market was simply very good.

You see on the screen yourself — more than 600 thousand paper profits per day. The portfolio wanted to give me a holiday — and he really tried)) I will immediately say — we will not say twice the anniversary, so we will not note on the channel, so when a rollback is below 35, the re-achievance of this level will be held as a routine event.

The day is generally excellent — not only that American stocks in principle behaved well, so today Viatris began to display on the account. And this «gift» issuer (he got from the allocation of his shares from the head company Pfizer) miraculously also increased my bill for 100 thousand rubles. Maybe it was such a wonderful gift for the anniversary of the account? ))))

And otherwise, what to say? Old friends are all in place. No surprises bring. Gazprom and Norilskel quietly please those who guessed them to buy them.

With a very big impatience, I expect cash from real estate — in our market I am now seeing a large number of opportunities that pass by me. And at least the wise buffett rightly said that in all games you do not take part, but I want it so much)))

Probably, one of the following posts dedicates the story of how much «delicious» in our market and as you want to bite off.

After all, each of the trades in the stock market is our chance with you become real millionaires))