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So we literally just wanted to hang out, go bowling and stuff, and it went a little too far, I think. But it was fun — I went to Vancouver thinking I was going to focus on my work, but instead I got to meet him, and it ended up being the best thing ever.17: What's he like? SG: It was the most horrible feeling in the entire world. And I guess you have to go through that, but it's so hard. 17: You have a lot of famous friends — Demi Lovato, Taylor, Miley. For me, I'm going to try out music, but it will be more fun than anything else.

I really didn't know it was possible to hurt that way.17: What did he do? I'm really trying my hardest to become a well-respected actress.

And yeah they both seem to be really into each other and its sad ..

What a cad..what's up with Summit reverting back to the MGM days of controlling their talent? I would of done it myself but i really couldn't be bothered lol ..

The "Wizards of Waverly Place" actress hid her head behind Taylor's bodyguard's back when she rushed into an awaiting car. Pressed if she and Taylor, indeed, are dating but opt to keep their romance low profile, Selena also refuses to give direct answer. My sources say Taylors people accused her of damaging his reputation and wanted Selenas people to make it right, to protect his sweet image.

Shortly after that, the 17-year-old heartthrob got into the same car with the companion of the bodyguard. GL/PR Photos When Selena Gomez finally speaks up about rumors of her dating "Twilight" hottie Taylor Lautner, she won't deny or confirm that they are a couple. She simply says speculation of him dating Taylor is "a little weird," explaining "Honestly, I'm just a normal teenager, going to the movies and hanging out, so I don't let it bother me or control my life." Rumors of Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner dating first emerged after they were seen having lunch together at Caffe Artigiano in Vancouver, Canada back on April 23. But when my story broke though, you can imagine, Taylors camp did not look good. So here you have it a yogurt outing in LA with the paps invited to come along. Earlier this week, Selena posted a telling little remark on her Twitter.

Multiple sources have confirmed to me exclusively that Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner, SO f-cking cute in Vancouver while both were in town shooting their respective projects, have split Its been about a week now. Before leaving, my sources say the two were supposed to hang out, spend time together, watch DVDs, cuddle, whatever. Didnt bother texting, didnt bother coming through on their plans. Am told Taylor was supposedly strongly encouraged by his father and Summit not to be seen with a girlfriend, especially as his star is on the rise. Additionally, the couple was spotted having "3 dinner dates" together.

She talked to Seventeen about how she got lost in love but found true happiness and strength when she came out on the other side.17: What's up with you and Taylor Lautner? [Taylor was shooting New Moon, and Selena was shooting Ramona and Beezus.] Kristen [Stewart] was staying in my hotel. But I can't say that I'll never date an actor.17: How many boyfriends have you had? One when I was 13, one when I was 14, and one was at 16. And that's how I kind of deal.17: That's a pretty good rule. I don't ever talk about who I'm with or was with unless I have amazing things to say. feel bad for Selena, she seemed really into him..for him not even to have the decency to say it face to face but stand her up. Ive been waiting for someone to make a thread about these two lol .."He also pops in to see her at lunch break when he's not being a wolf in 'Twilight'/'New Moon.'" On Thursday afternoon, April 23, the pair was also snapped leaving Caffe Artigiano in downtown Vancouver. I'm truly grateful to be hurt as many times as I have, because I'm happy!All I really want to do is movie after movie after movie.

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To TV Guide Magazine, she insists the movie hunk is "a really good friend" of her. Few days later, they were snapped spending some quality time at The Cactus Club in Coquitlam, BC. When in doubt though, especially with this generation, well, look to Twitter. Ive attached a screencap here just in case for some reason it gets removed. Yesterday news broke that Chris Pine ditched Audrina Patridge because his reps felt it was damaging his ascending star. At 16 and 17, Selena and Taylor are already playing the game. With that twitter posting by Selena, I'm willing to bet Lainey's version of events is true.

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