Taking a break in a relationship and dating other people

Taking a break in a relationship and dating other people

You’ve Only Been With Each Other, and You’re Considering Marriage Even though we’re young, there are couples who are talking about marriage.

If you’ve been with your boyfriend for years, and have only been with him, it might be worth it to consider taking a break.

Whether it be studying abroad, an internship in another city, a service trip, etc., extended time apart puts a huge strain on not only your relationship, but also on each of you as individuals.

It might be a good time to take a break if only to fully take advantage of whatever you are doing during that time apart.

They're grown-ups now, ages 45 to 59, scattered across the country.

They include an attorney, chef, coach and publisher.

However, this time apart does not mean they are breaking up, it means they are ‘taking a break.’ That clarifies it, right?

The term ‘taking a break’ is probably purposely ambiguous – it can mean whatever you want it to mean in terms of your own relationship. Does anyone ever take a break and then continue with a successful relationship?

“I wanted to see other people so I could be sure that my relationship with my boyfriend was everything I thought it was.“If both agree that dating long distance won’t work well for them, then taking a break and seeing how they feel on their own, which often includes dating others, can be a way to test the strength of their connection and desire to make the relationship work, in spite of some temporary distance,” says Coleman.When a relationship stops being what it once was and loses its pizzazz and compassion, couples have a few options.“In general, taking a break should not be used unless one or both individuals have real doubts, or there is an issue that points to a basic problem or potential problem that taking a break could actually help to clarify and offer information to help them decide their rightness or wrongness for one another,” says Coleman.While there is no hard and fast rule for when a couple should take a break, there are a few situations that merit taking time off from your relationship.

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