Speculators on the stock market.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«The tricks are made by professionals, do not try to repeat it at home.»

(C) from warnings in commercials

Our people possesses a unique property — wherever we are going, we immediately begin to share in the party. Since ancient times, it was happening, apparently, we should not unite us, but to share. On the «white» and «red», on patriots and liberals, on Russophiles and Westerners.

Not an exception and stock market. Russians investing money in stock were instantly divided into investors and speculators and started each other in every way to scold and shame orally and writing.

As it should be, «in the polemical ugar» a lot of unfair and exaggerated accusations fall on each other, so as not to say insults.

Investors say that speculators are people who are worshiped by the Golden Taurus, chasing insane profits that are not capable of strategic settlement, and indeed that do not bring any benefit to the market.

Speculants do not remain in debt and call investors by «dividend clouds», sucking to companies and sucking all juices. Yes, they also argue that only one who does not have enough mind on speculation can go to investors.

I have long wanted to write an article on this topic, and then the reason appeared — suddenly, in personal correspondence with the reader, I realized that my position regarding the place and role of speculators on the market, my readers are not entirely understood. From the fact that I always persuade the speculators not to walk and do not engage in speculation, the reader concluded that I treat the speculators with condemnation.

Well, God himself ordered clarity in this topic.

Without pretending to the absolute truth, I’ll just talk about my look at this problem.

Let’s start in order.

And in order

In our country, so long, the word «speculator» was a crustacean, that many are sure — so far this word carries a negative in themselves.

Guys, let’s gradually get used to that we do not live in the Soviet Union. And then you will swear «speculator» in the word, and you can safely buy currency to Turkey. Well, that the election of the people the memory. You then remember that in those harsh times, when it was planted for speculation, for the sale of currency — they were shot at all.

And if you yourself on the Soviet slang «Currency», whether to find fault to the peaceful «speculator»? ))

So let’s agree:

From the point of view of morality, in my opinion, no worse than any other activity. A man strains the brains, trying to predict the future, risks money. If everything did right — gets a big award. If I was wrong — loses money.

Earned a lot — well done. We are not the Bolsheviks so that all income is equal.

I lost all the money — we did not bring any harm to us, I risked for my money (or on borrowed — but it is still the problem of a bank or broker, and not ours with you).

TOTAL — in terms of morality, there should be no complaints about speculators

So why then me from the article in the article so hard to persist do not deal with speculation?

I will explain.

This is not because the speculator is immoral and reprehensible.

Not at all.

Being a speculator is not ashamed, not unlawful and not immoral.

Speculant to be simply dangerous.

Be a speculator on the stock exchange

Everything. There are no other problems. It’s just a very dangerous occupation for you, and not all this danger fully understand. So I try to clarify people.

My attitude to speculators is like climbers. «We sing brave madness.»

And if I discard people to engage in speculation, then exclusively because of the danger of this classes for the one who deals with

It is known that of the people who have come to the securities market, most loses money. The overwhelming majority — about 95%. But this is exactly because about 95% are engaged in risky operations. Those the most speculation that I am trying to warn them.

I suffer from some common misconceptions among new market participants, due to which the ranks of speculators are replenished.

For example:

On the one hand, they do not consider profitability at all below 30% per annum, and on the other hand, they do not particularly understand the risk difference between Sberbank and Lenzolota shares.

In addition, the brains are additionally washed with contests such as the best private investor with the returns of winners in hundreds of interest per month and people finally lose understanding of what is happening.


And what’s the result? As a result, people showed only one side of the market — high risks and high yields. In the smartest, at least established in the head, an understanding that the market is such a casino, where you can win a lot and lose a lot.

More naive generally heard only the part where they promise a big winnings, and some of the risks were missed by the ears.

The opportunity in the stock market «Keep and multiply» without much risk — it passes simply by the attention of most people. But this is just the basic value of the stock market — the ability to save and accumulate long-term, to the same pension. This is almost a unique function of the stock market in our time when you cannot protect deposits from inflation.

That is, people are widely in the media present the market as a casino, and they also belong to it.

This is an obvious deception, level of financial pyramids. In order not to explain for a long time, why it is not true for those who are far from the financial market, just ask the question: you will go to learn courses, where will you promise, what will you teach you a consistently beat the casino? ))

But after all, people in good faith learn to trading, scalping and other «useful» skill. Tehanalism is studying. Graphs are built.

And a result statistically predictable and sad —

But that’s why I don’t even advise people to do speculation, and not because it seems to me amoral if they will earn 30% a month.

Well, a little about your speculation, so that there is no shortcoming))

There is such a proverb’s speculators: «Investment is a failed speculation.» The meaning of the proverb is clear — when the speculator did not guessed the price movement, he can stay in position for a long time and such a stuck in his portfolio position will be similar to «investment».

So the speculator becomes formally similar to the investor. But the investor does not become — his idea was different.

I sometimes have a reverse situation in my portfolio. The investor becomes formally similar to speculators)) By purchasing some paper in order to keep it for a long time, I suddenly see a new interesting idea.

Nature I am fond of. Old paper — if it is not in the minus — I sell, and buy a new one.

Such situations have repeatedly arose. And of course, as a slow investor, they do not characterize me))

But I would like to emphasize one important point — what ideas stood for shopping and sales? And the old paper and the new was purchased with the purpose of long-term ownership and that was as evaluated. That is, the sale after a short time — it was not a pre-thought-out scenario, but changed circumstances. And the reason for the sale was not the achievement of a certain profit, but the emergence of a new, more promising idea.

«The best is a good enemy,» to win something that seems more promising — in my opinion a normal step, especially when the earnings can be fixed on previously purchased paper.

Comparing this with the behavior of the «spherical speculator in vacuum», I would have led such an example:

It’s like on the road. There are drivers who «play in checkers», constantly dangerously rebuilding at high speed — these are real refined speculators.

And I simply from the case towards the case carefully, turning on the turn signal, make a safe maneuver and change a number, if in my row, the tap or adjacent row is going faster.

Keyword — safe.

For this, three conditions are observed:

Upon compliance with these three conditions, the transition from one paper to another can be called speculation, you can not change the essence to the portfolio rebalance. Such actions do not lead to a decrease in capital and the portfolio is constantly safe.

The main idea is not to lose capital. Do not perform risky operations. To do this, it is easiest to be a unhurried conservative investor. And first of all — do not commit unprofitable transactions that are inevitable for Dale-trader.

In the paradigm in which I act in the stock market of unprofitable transactions should not appear, while sometimes encountered in the career of the investor cautious speculations only help the investor quickly become