25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«The land is the basis of the state.»

(s) Shanny Tree

Life in recent days has submitted me to some bizarre psychological tests, and my psyche, under pressure from unusual life circumstances, gave a strange reaction …

I pulled me to memoirs, my friends))

Further is better not to read those who are strictly sharpened for useful materials about the investment — the grains of information about the business shopping center, of course, it will be possible to find among the spurred of my graphism, but it is better not to suffer. So I continue only for those interested in the same way, from where these monsters commerce come from and how they live.

The story will be of the first hands, with the crushing soul with details and lyrical deviations))

I will talk about large — so-called super-regional — shopping and entertainment centers, which was engaged in the company, where I worked about 12 years. Boiled the Legal Department. And since it’s just about the TPC to tell boring — I will tell with stories from life.

So … «Why is the homeland begins» … well, that is, the shopping center ???

As always, in real estate: place, place and once again — place. To begin with, it would be nice to choose, in which city you are going to build your indoor market, which is now customary to call this beautiful abbreviation — TRC)))

There are terrible and long disputes. The dilemma arises frightening with options that «both worse», just like two pills neo: in the rich cities of the dofig of competitors — and in the poor people have small salaries. Wherever Kin is everywhere wedge.

Notes on the fields, by the way — when we say «Dofiga competitors» — we still have even in Moscow and St. Petersburg the number of retail space per thousand people are many times less than in Europe and the United States. So to this competition, we are still far away. We can never live about it — we will leave everything online before))

When the city was chosen — it would be nice and specific place there to choose. Superregional shopping mall is a big thing. The easiest and most common example is mega. It is easy to understand what torturing it in the city is not so simple. Typically find the place of the former plant (or a couple) or low-rise buildings, redeem owners — and voila. But not always everything goes as simple as the insightful reader can guess.

Notes on the fields of squatters. Now so (or cybercoverings) call those who «collapse» the names of domain names to sell then more expensive. Initially — in the States so called those who redeemed the land in advance, learning that she was going to lead the railway — and then sold more expensive …

So with the construction of the TPS, it happens that a bad person can redeem a plot or building building in the midst of the future construction site in order to resell many times more expensive. Sometimes it ends with the enrichment of the squatter when it sells the area to the developer is five times more expensive. And sometimes the developer considers Squotter a robber. And the squatter in life begins a black bar. The building burns it, the business is beginning to nightmare the tax authorities, the police, and the administration, and it turns out to be due to the investigation. Our company never did this. We have always acted strictly within the law.

In the order of jokes — a pair of «living» stories about the purchase of land — one about the one, alone — about the failed. So to speak — for understanding how it is in real life.

History time.

Siberian city. Two plants in the center. At different stages of bankruptcy — who understands what it means — he now frowned, as from dental pain, who does not understand — believe me, it is better for you and do not understand)) part of the property on the territory of one of the factories sold to several persons — in short — the tangle … Do not confuse with «Ariadna Thread» — this is the opposite, the tangle of confusion))

The Legal Department of the month is developing and coordinates with financiers a scheme for which the company will still buy these two plants. The scheme turned out not simple.

I am speaking to the board of directors with the presentation — how we will implement this scheme. The presentation is designed for an hour and a half. Slides, diagrams, graphs, numbers, arrows.

I manage to speak 15 minutes. I stopped by the chairman (Mega Guru of Finance and my idol, which I have repeatedly wrote on the pages of my blog) and says:

There is everything clear to us.

-No, I answer — with all my respect — you can not have everything clearly — I also still have half the acquisition schemes, let us finish the presentation.

He says: «Sasha, everything is clear to me — this is a sophisticated scheme and we will not go to it.»

Here I, first, I was convinced that he was really «everything is clear»)) well, and that he is a genius — also confirmed again))

History two. «Young entrepreneur»

Andrei Khan. It is more correct, of course, writing Andrei-Khan — so it is respectful called Azerbaijani competitors, even since the time he traded vodka. But the surname call him for nothing, so let the respectful console serve it. Vodka was produced in the third shift on the usual liquor-vodka. Produced in the very Siberian city, where our company could not buy land in the past story. And I sold it Andrei Khan in the next city.

How could he build this business, and also such a respectful name from competitors? And I will tell you from his youth one story, you will understand everything.

He came, the student is still, to work on the car service. And he is the little himself, soften. On the car service and in any city, the people are grated — and here Siberia … and Zona region. In short — the people all the sleeves work … And the plan is on the whole brigade … And Andrei earn a hunt. Well, he tried to persuade the brigade. But they did not give in to persuasion. And somehow very rudely answered him. Even apparently — offensive. Andrei, as it often happens in people of small growth, was distinguished by extremely painful pride. And unstable nervous system.

In the knocked fight, it is impossible to say that Andrei won, but readiness to fight one against everyone, and also without thinking to use heavy iron items, which in the car service a lot, quickly gained a reputation as an extremely dangerous chela.

The next day, the brigade, without keeping the evil, came to him and said men, which consulting, decided to make it a brigadier — they themselves wanted to earn, but somehow the wills did not have enough will not saccate))

Here this beautiful man we bought a land plot. After the first talks (all stories about the car service and vodka business have not yet been told — there was only the first impression), the chef asked «You probably liked Andrei?» I honestly answered — «Yes, very.» «Bad,» said the chef — you always have dangerous people. » Looking forward to say that my impression of Andrei was much more correct than the impression of the chef, in which we were able to make sure with very unpleasant circumstances.

But, let’s in order.

The chef agreed with Andrei for commercial conditions, and I remained to «buy land.» What does it mean? He bought in advance several low-rise homes (actually made a squotter) who were on a large plot in the middle of the city. (So that it was necessary to buy urban lands to «stick» the shopping grounds, around these houses, previously scared Andrei — in fact, no one, besides him, not necessary, because when his possession of houses — nothing to build anyone would not succeed Who would have not bought these houses).

I, why this story is called «Young Entrepreneur», quickly became the founder of the new LLC. (Local authorities do not like it when all sorts of «shelted Muscovites» buy land — whether it is their own native Siberian company)))

The big company (my chef) immediately gave my new one million dollars in debt.

The city held a competition, where «my» Siberian company for this million bought urban lands.

With Andrei’s houses a little more nervous history was. But very demonstrative. He, as many advanced entrepreneurs, made a scheme with «Zaborny» holding. For the purchase of shares there were attracted by foreign lawyers. And Zabigorny lawyers were injected in documents. As a result, the money from us was already gone, and we did not come shares. Here is such a «sad» story. And that we get the stock — it was necessary to Andrei signed another package of additional documents. The chef, all on the score — several million dollars «elbow» it is not clear for which, as if shareholders did not ask the unkind questions, called me and sends to Andrei with «Mission Impossible» as it seems to him — to persuade the sign of more documents.

And I can honestly say — even the eye does not twitch. I liked Andrei not at first glance — and I reassure the chief, as I can. I explain his calm «Andrei — a real man, a man of words. He doesn’t mean these papers at all. You hit him with Him — and he sold the earth. Everything. It is done for him. While he does not think that you throw it — you can safely turn your back. Now, if he decides that, according to his concepts, you are not right — then it is written in what line of documents is that everything is ok — it will be useless. » Well, actually everything turned out — there were no signatures with signatures.

That’s how. Voila — Yesterday you are nobody and nothing, and today the owner of a huge land plot in the center of a large Siberian city. And someone says that Russia is not a country of big opportunities for business))

Yes, this is the current Eldorado for who wants to become