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Throughout his career, Corden has made fun of his weight, whether having his then-comedy-partner Mathew Horne run his hands up and down his jiggling body in a skit for a BBC comedy or, more recently, in a Late Late Show bit where as a realtor for a day he unabashedly showers in a multimillion-dollar Hollywood mansion.His Broadway breakthrough was playing Timms in The History Boys, whose clownish character is partially motivated by being overweight.Across the street is a giant portrait of Corden on the side of a CBS building. "A year ago," he says, "that was already there and I'd still be stopped at the front gate if I forgot my ID."A few days later, we are driving in Corden's Range Rover through delightful Los Angeles Friday traffic. "Here they have the Hollywood sign, and they don't even light it up at night. "I would have meetings where people would tell me how much they would like to work with me and then nothing happened," he says."The first times I came to Los Angeles, I would just drive around dying from encouragement." The irony is, back in England Corden was battling overexposure with hit shows, constant tabloid coverage and a memoir published when he was 33."They're going to start letting people in and I'm covered in shit." I suggest that they might be contestants for The Price Is Right, filmed on the same lot. He's right; the crowd is too nubile and fresh-cheeked for Drew Carey. A few minutes later, Damon shoots off the couch to cheers and makes his way out a backdoor. There is a skit with bandleader Reggie Watts co-starring an alpaca and a dog dressed like a lion.

(Corden misses the dumpster and dislocates his penis.) A problem arises when the CBS suits want to pause the taping because they think Damon should wear a safety harness as he approaches the roof's edge. There's Corden reading the news written only in emojis.But more important, The Late Late Show, once solely the provenance of insomniacs, college students and speed freaks, is now available to normal people. "We're only in competition with people choosing to fall asleep or not.But on the Internet, it's a completely level playing field." Corden has taken advantage of the concept more than his late-night rivals, with 165 segments that have earned more than a million You Tube hits.Matt Damon is running toward the rooftop railing of an L. building, and people are afraid he's gonna die. Damon is reprising Jason Bourne, walking fast and looking over the right shoulder of his scuffed brown leather jacket.He then runs into a plump Brit who's dressed exactly the same. It's Corden, the host of CBS' The Late Late Show, and the proud son of Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire, in England's unfashionable Home Counties.

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In a sea of high-achievers, James Corden is the most accomplished and versatile man — and they are all still men — in the daily network late-night sweepstakes. Just as crucial to the CBS bean-counters, he's turned The Late Late Show into a profitable enterprise available to anyone ages eight to 80 who knows how to click on a link.

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