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" and with that she spun on her heals, chuckled to herself and was gone.Just like that, blatantly admired my bulging manhood, she made sure that I knew that she noticed it and then left me for a whole day to think about what just happened.I was a little disappointed that over the next hour or so there was no innuendo, no obvious signs of anything naughty in her mind and nothing at all spoken about what she had seen and commented on this morning, then it dawned on me; Gill was around.Just like those times with mum when anything in the slightest way naughty happened it never happened when other people were around.Gill and I were sent off to bed and I lay there for the next 15 minutes masturbating with mum and Carol in my thoughts, sounds of their laughter emanating through the floorboards only enhances this particular experience and as always I projected ropes of hot white cum all over my tummy.It was actually whilst on this holiday that led me to a sexual act that I've not really shared with others until many years later, and that was the act of masturbating with my legs raised and my hips as close to my head as possible, this meant that when I came I could just about get my cock in my mouth and could splash my cum all over my face and into my mouth.We arranged to meet up again tomorrow and off we headed back for tea.By the time we stumbled in the front door Aunty Carol was home and in the kitchen preparing dinner, she was just normal Aunty Carol, her red hair up in a bun and with a shortish skirt on and nice looking top but nothing revealing or in the slightest way sexy.

However I kept coming back to the same thought, and that was that mum and her sister knew exactly what they were doing and maybe, just maybe they both enjoyed the sexual excitement of teasing me to such a high level or sexual tension Gill and I went back out after tea with the instruction to be home before dark and around 10pm we stumbled in with a giggle and a laugh, we'd been down to the park and went on the boating lake for most of the evening and had some really good fun together.Many years later I was to enjoy the same pleasure but with another mans cock and not my own, again; that's another story. , well Sunday was pretty quiet and soon it was time for mum to go home, we said our goodbyes and gave hugs and as mum hugged me she came in close and said "don't worry Son, Aunty Carol will take good care of you", this in itself was not a strange thing to say, but the look mum gave me and the smile that accompanied it really took me by surprise.What it meant I wasn't totally sure about, but I knew it mean something and it was a look I'd never ever seen before from mum.When mum suggested we go to Whitby for holidays I was already excited as summer time means ladies wear less cloths, and Whitby meant Aunty Carol, so Aunty Carol in less clothes was such an exciting image for me to hold and maybe I'd get to see mum in a bikini too and be with mum without dad being around, however mum had to cover for a lady at work and it was decided that she would take me and Gill up there, stay the weekend and pick us back up two weeks later.So there we were, Saturday night in Whitby, first night of the holiday, Carol and Jeff, mum, me and Gill out for a meal at a local seaside pub called the Jolly Sailors, that holiday feeling all over us and maybe this year I'd meet a girl and have a holiday romance.

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Carols breasts were a fascination to me and although she didn't dress to show them off out of the house, when at home or previously visiting us at our house I got to ogle them on many occasions, which in turn led to more moments alone masturbating; to put it mildly I couldn't take my eyes off Aunt Carols breast whenever I got the chance to take a peak On the occasion when they visited for the Christmas of 81 I found myself alone with mum and Carol and they teased me about girls and stuff and they seemed to be egging each other on to draw me out of my shell, Carol even asked if I was a bum, boobs or legs and when she said boobs she pulled her elbows in and made a huge cleavage form with her breast, I looked, mum looked and even Carol looked down before mum laughed, "Clearly a boobs man me thinks", they laughed more and I just looked longingly at such a perfect place to bury my face.

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