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Ask Glen Wolfe at the Ladonia Animal Shelter on the square. He's a sneaky low down snake in the grass that c Nt be trusted. With his SHORT fuse I'm surprised it hasn't happened. I will not rest until this story, TRAMP"S gets what is deserved. He is denying his sexual preferences by overcompensating to make him seem the ladys man...

Corbett is doing his dirtiest best to put Wolfe in jail for exposing what he is doing. Not only does he abuse animals he is a wife beater and a husband that runs around on his wife. His wife kept having baby's to try to keep him at home. Some one needs to take this punks little bit of authority away. Just saying from a Freudian point of view When are people in Ladonia going to have enough of your Chief of Police Corbett killing or maiming dogs and leaving them to die? Now he has shot another dog and shattered the dog 's leg.

I Like Chief Corbet he is a fine officer of the law. Any one who knows the real "Calvin", well need I say more. Would You you all feel the same way if a kid was riding their bike by that house and the dog came after a kidn and bit them? I have lived in ladonia had dog come in my yard and were aggressive at my kids. What are you suppose to do keep your kids in the house every day every hour of there life?

It's people like you that give good police officer a bad name. He's rude,thinks he's better than anyone else, treats kids and wife like crap. What it come down to is people who own animals need to take care of thier animals not just think everyone else to needs to deal with them.

The Waynesville area, in the heart of the Cincinnati Arch, yields abundant Ordovician fossils including brachiopods, bryozoans, crinoids, corals and the occasional trilobite.

Harsha Lake are 438 million years old (Ordovician).

Fossils are predominantly brachiopods and bryozoans. The US Army Corps of Engineers permits fossil collecting there as long as you use no tools and leave behind any specimen larger than the palm of your hand.

At the vast majority of fossil-related parks, you can look but never touch.

That may be good for the treasures that the parks protect, but it's not the best for getting people involved.

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If you being attack by a dog what you going to let him eat you up. He's rude,thinks he's better than anyone else, treats kids and wife like crap.

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