Seven «not», leading investor to losses.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«You don’t go there — you go here, and then the snow is hit …»

(c) k / f «Gentlemen of Good luck»

Many people are afraid to enter the securities market, fearing to lose money there. So today, one of the commentators noted that it is better for people without special knowledge to the market, and then the losses are inevitable. But after all, we were here and gathered to expand the luggage of knowledge and armed with these knowledge boldly move to conquer the market. How does Scripture say: «We know the truth, and the truth will make you free» (John 8:32)

Let’s look at what exactly leads many people to loss in the securities market. I was here on your leisure a whole express study on this topic and the total of my observations and reflections I present to your attention as usual in the most simple and accessible form. Well, since we took biblical tonality today, it will continue.

So, you are offered to your attention

What seven «not» lead a novice investor straight into the «red zone»?

After all, there is an old stockplane proverb «Investment is a failed speculation», so choose to speculate tools on which «not hurt» wrong — dividend blue chips. Then, in case of an error, the worst thing that will happen to you — you will simply have the owner of the shares of one of the largest enterprises in the country. Sounds not so dramatic for a bad outcome? ))

In addition to speculation to «not the actions» definitely relate

Let’s wonder the topic of margin trading on the example. Vasi optimistov has 100 rubles on the brokerage account. He lent 400 rubles from a broker for margin trading. I bought 5 shares of a promising fast-growing American company for the production of electric car «Dough» (100 rubles actions).

Shares have decreased in the price of only 20%. Vasya entered Martin Call from the broker. There was no additional money from Vasi. The broker sold all 5 vasine shares at a market price, returned 400 rubles, and Vasya lost all his 100 rubles.

On the day of the share of the company, the dough took off to 200 rubles per share, but the money lost on the stock exchange, Vasya no longer owned by any paper and with difficulty kept suicide thoughts.

What does this example teach us?

(a) we see that the fall of just 20% led Vasya to the loss of 100% of the money — the very effect of the «lever», the effect of the loan shoulder, when it works against speculatory,

(b) Vasya was forcibly «planted» from his papers, because they were not quite «His» — as soon as he took a credit shoulder, his shares became the subject of a pledge as a mortgage apartment. So and the further fate of the shares began to determine not only Vasya himself, but also his lender

(c) If Vasya had the opportunity to «reset» the fall of the market — everything would be fine, but it was the credit shoulder who did not make it.

Well, as promised — now a brief screen for memory. What seven mortal sins lead a novice investor to the loss of money?

It looks not difficult at all, I tried to set out so that I wade directly in memory, maybe someone hangs this sign over the fireplace of his villa when observing these principles will become