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Sedating dogs at home

General anesthesia is used for more painful procedures, such as spaying or neutering, mass removals, fractures, emergency surgeries, laceration repairs or abdominal masses.In this state, your pet is unconsciousness and unable to respond to stimuli.

“There’s so much fat and tissue along the chest wall, which makes it difficult for the lungs to expand and get enough oxygen. Anesthesia reduces respiration levels so we have to breathe for them with a breathing tube” Kushner said.

Cough suppressants and, in some cases, antibiotics and steroids are administered to lessen chance for infection and inflammation following intubation.

Tracheal collapse is a chronic progressive condition in affected animals.

Patients with diagnosed or suspect tracheal collapse are left intubated as long as possible to help allow inflammation to dissipate and to allow an open airway while recovering. In a multi-institutional British study, healthy dogs were found to be at .05% risk for death during anesthesia.

The mortality rates for healthy cats were at 0.1%, while sick cats and dogs have a mortality rate of 1.3% According to Kushner, anesthesia should be reconsidered if the risks of giving your pet anesthesia outweighs the benefit your pet will get from the procedure, and if your pet has heart, airway, tracheal or pulmonary disease or needs any type of longer procedure or surgery, she recommends seeking out a specialty practice with an anesthesiologist on staff.

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