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Some people with mild allergies may not need to take medication at all, and be able to manage their condition simply by limiting their exposure to irritants.

For instance, someone with a pollen allergy may be able to keep symptoms at bay on high pollen days by: Applying a tiny amount of vaseline to the lower inside of the nostrils can also help to reduce the amount of pollen that makes it into your airways.

Histamines behave a bit like bouncers at a nightclub.

They help your body get rid of something that's bothering you - an allergy trigger, or allergen.

Antihistamines are not routinely used for children and you should speak to a pharmacist or your GP for advice if you are looking for a medicine for a young child.Ask your pharmacist about which ones will suit your needs. Cream-based antihistamines are not generally used for treating eczema, as they can further irritate the condition, but are often prescribed in the treatment of Urticaria (itchy, raised red areas on the skin, also known as hives).Alternatively, they can be taken in tablet form or as a syrup.As anyone with hay fever will know, milder weather typically leads to higher pollen levels, which can irritate rhinitis symptoms.Some people with allergic conjunctivitis and allergic skin conditions, such as atopic eczema, may also find that their symptoms are worse during the spring months.

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