Sdat bad catalog when updating

Sdat bad catalog when updating

Although running SMS 2003 in an Active Directory domain gives you many other benefits, such as advanced security and support for boundaries based on Active Directory sites, schema extension is not required for those features.

Ans: No, They are stored inside the server's DLL files as Windows message table resources.

If the advertisement has been configured to download and run locally and if the distribution point has been configured to use BITS, the client tries to use BITS but might fail over to SMB if the content cannot be accessed over BITS. For details about the BITS download, you can run bitsadmin /list /allusers /verbose | more from the command line.

If the client used SMB, you can also get details in the File on the client. If you configure the distribution point to be BITS-enabled, you must install IIS and enable Web DAV.

Verbose logging shows additional information about the interaction with the client user interface.

Also tells you that,how many updates are visible to notify for reboot pending and if there are any updates in pipeline etc.

Files downloaded from later versions of Microsoft Windows Update also support the use of the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS), which asynchronously transfers update files, preserves the responsiveness of other network applications, and automatically resumes file transfers after restarts or network disconnects.

In addition, update installations that use the latest version of the Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS) client no longer require Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) server but can download updates from any server that supports HTTP 1.1, thereby reducing server traffic.

The client downloads the mandatory content as soon as it receives the advertisement.There are no questions to read for the interview if you really worked on the any technology practically unless and until to see how the questions can be framed/asked in interview.I would like to put some not all questions on SCCM 2007 since it is Huge and many questions can be framed if you gone through the SCCM Guide on Tech Net . Right-click Software Update Point Client Installation, and click Properties. To enable client installation, select the Enable Software Update Point Client Installation check box. If the client software on the Configuration Manager 2007 site server is newer than that stored on the software update point, the Upgrade Client Package Version dialog box will open. You need to extend the schema only if: • You want to use global roaming for Advanced Clients.Before running any program, the Configuration Manager 2007 client checks to see whether content is available in the cache.If content is in the cache and if it is the correct version, it always runs the program from the cache, whether or not the advertisement is set to recur.

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A file is considered to be changed if it has been renamed, moved, or its contents have changed.

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