24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«But I say, we make rockets and blocked by Yenisei»

(C) Y. Visbor

Opening the famous meme, «RusHydro was a» green energy «long before it became fashionable.»

And why?

Yes, because the hydroelectric station is primarily very cheap electricity. Unlike these propellers, which are better to attach in one place from solar panels, which at this stage of development in our frowning latitudes are not very effective.

Hydroelectric power station gives cheap electricity.

The hydroelectric power plants were built even in those harsh times when the strengths and young «builders of socialism» about ecology took care of no more than the purity of karma. Because — profitable, practical and for centuries.

How profitable?

In general, it is advantageous in all that mankind invented at the moment. In the field of electric generation, it means, of course. Not more profitable for the old good hydroelectric station so far humanity has not invented. Even electricity at nuclear power plants is more expensive.

Himself was surprised when I learned. Yes Yes. This is the doping water mill from the point of view of the cost of kilowatt an hour — the cooler of the atomic reactor.

And now imagine the situation in the global electricity market in the strategic perspective.

What we have?

The struggle for zero carbon trail flares up all over the world and the scope of this struggle from year to year only increases.

Electric vehicles and other electrification all that was previously on diesel or gasoline

A huge increase in electricity consumption worldwide — both by refusing from other energy resources and due to direct population growth, and due to the huge number of new energy-intensive objects (the same data centers devour the gigantic amount of electricity).

A significant part of electricity is still produced by «dirty» power plants

West with all sorts of measures encourages industrial production with zero carbon trail

The West is forced to subsidize both solar, and windmills, and all other renewable — only eco-friendly energy. Remember I mentioned that the energy on the hydroelectric station is cheaper atomic? But it is the little things compared to the fact that it is currently cheaper than wind power or solar)))

And so, against the background of the foregoing, RusHydro comes to the scene. All in white))) Energy is absolutely eco-friendly (and then raging Western environmentalists even look at the atomic energy of Kosos). So — energy generated by hydroelectric power station, absolutely eco-friendly and super budget. Unlike other renewable, it is not what can exist without state subsidies — it is cost-effective all other sources of energy.

And you know the most pleasant thing in this matter what?

It is not very simple to repeat this success to our Western friends. Closer to «impossible».

Here you need a huge country, you need mighty, full-flowered rivers. We need gigantic investments — both money and time. Moreover, it is desirable — that the river flows through your territory — and even before the war with the neighbors not far

So RusHydro is not only in the format of Russia a unique company is a company that is almost impossible to simply take and copy. This is a unique.

And in the new world, where huge electricity needs are connected to the ecological trend — RusHydro looks like a beneficiary of several powerful trends at once.

Moreover, there is another version of logic. But he leads to similar conclusions.


The world needs increasingly electricity (and precisely eco-friendly) and trying to produce it everywhere.

On the roofs of private cottages have long appeared solar panels. On the roofs of electric vehicles are installed solar panels. There are already whole multi-storey houses lined with solar panels (the first such house, by the way, plan to build and in our country — in Ufa). And the quality of solar panels is growing. Their production is already less than silver, the sooner.

That is, the cost of electricity produced by solar generation falls, and the amount is growing.

So — What will happen at the moment when the number of solar panels will go to quality? When (or if) will they start slowly outer other types of generation?

And the answer is simple —

And it turns out that the hydrogeneration is again in winning — being the cheapest and most environmentally friendly.

RusHydro plans for the coming years — with an increase in net profit by twice by 2025, I cannot, as a shareholder, not to please.

Many consider the company to be a hoping state monster, but it is quite without excessive noise and dust is engaged in innovation. For example, 23 charge stations for electric vehicles in the Far East have already opened. Yes, I am confident that many have heard only about the «raced» in this area Enel. And RusHydro is quiet and without a special pump just opens the charging stations and earns money.

For two quarters of this year, RusHydro plans to open another 32 charging stations. And this is retail. This is exactly where «vertically integrated» oil holdings always sought to come — refueling. Now the sale of electricity «refueling electric cars» will be engaged in RusHydro. And make money on this money. Is it profitable? Of course! This sale of Kilowatt is quite at a different price — really «sweet» for the manufacturer. «Fast» refueling costs 11.4 rubles per kilowatt hour, and «slow» — 8.29 rubles per kilowatt hour. You see for yourself — it greatly exceeds the tariffs for which electricity is sold to the population for use in the «home» network.

So the plans of RusHydro on doubling net profit until 2025 look much more realistic with such a «campaign» into a high-year retail segment.

The dividend policy of the company is quite adequate — dividends are paid quite regularly in adequate, albeit low for electric generation, the amount (if you recall that the company is sitting on publications — and in general in excellent sizes), this year dividends are expected slightly above 6%.

RusHydro already occupies some place in my portfolio. But it is still certainly not relevant to its strategic perspectives. Constantly something distracts from the suites of my favorite «water mills»)) here is now — on the agenda, an increase in the Gazprom package. But I think that it will reach the increase in the package RusHydro. It looks like that company that is necessarily needed in a portfolio to a person who dreams of becoming