Rules of dating more than one guy

Here are some tips and thoughts I have on how to handle the juggling act of the casual dating scene and bypassing your likelihood of getting hurt. But just because we fall within an age group of people just looking to have fun, doesn’t mean we need to treat people poorly. Take the time to articulate what it is you’re looking for from the beginning and avoid having a Hiroshima level blow up down the road.

First and foremost to me, the number one key to building any semblance of a successful relationship with one person or in this case, many, is communication. The problem that I see is a lot of times, even if someone articulates at the onset of a relationship that he or she looking for something casual, things have a way of growing and morphing into something larger and much deeper.

By dating, you will find more about yourself and the one with whom you want to be with, without being dishonest.

In addition, it reminds you of your feminine nature that make you happy because there are multiple men who want to adore you and keep you happy.

Related: 5 Perfectly Good Reasons You Might Be Single Quit While You’re Ahead This means dropping the juggling act once you’re falling for one lucky guy or gal.

Or once you realize it’s been eight months and you still call them Tall Guy and Drummer Dude.

For when you get into a relationship with someone, you do not even know what the guy will actually turn out to be.

However going on a few dates with random guys, helps you get to know them and their mentality better and this enables you to take proper decisions about them after testing him more often than not.

All’s Fair in Lust and Raging Hormones If you’re dating more than one person, assume that all of your love interests are doing the same… Don’t Demand More Than You Can Give If you’re keeping things light — maybe a weekly date and a text here or there — don’t expect undying devotion from the three dudes you’re keeping in circulation.

Are you a serial dater, the one who ends up dating multiple guys at the same time? Even some time back, the dating concept was not there. It is as if you are checking out your options before settling down with one guy.

The first category women need not detest the second category because dating many guys at a time does not mean a girl is sleeping with multiple guys simultaneously and that she is being a slut. Women used to feel awkward and sometimes even guilty of cheating a guy while going out on a date with another random guy. A girl gets to know a lot of different guys in this process and gradually steadies herself with the one whom she feels connected with.

This is the easiest way to avoid drama and find someone who’s looking for the same relationship you are.

Are you the one who does not go out on a date with another guy, in the hope of something falling in place with the first guy?

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Dating is not bad, provided you do not end up playing with someone’s emotions. If you have not ventured into the world of dating multiple men at a time and you are single, unhappy with your previous hook-ups, then there are more reasons for you to do so.

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