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Rules for updating an addendum

So whenever possible, I blend in, quietly making my choice not to eat animal products, right alongside those who do. When you choose it, you accept that in many situations and at many events, you won’t have food to eat unless you bring it yourself.

So eat ahead of time or bring food, and accept responsibility for your diet choice.

A few months ago, fitness writer Craig Ballantyne wrote a post for Zen Habits called 12 Rules to Live By that I really liked.

I was inspired: just as Craig intended, his list made me examine about my own life rules, borrowing from his where I found them useful.

Our toddler eats vegan at home, but every once in a while gets a bite of something non-vegan (but not meat) from the grandparents.

Don’t buy anything that’s leather, wool, or made from other animal products, where I can avoid it.But even after I made this shift, I didn’t throw away things I currently owned that weren’t vegan (again, I don’t think wasting something is any better than using it), so I still have a leather wallet, for example.But as my leather shoes have worn out, I’ve replaced them with man-made versions, and I’ll do the same with anything else I still have leftover from my pre-vegan days. New Balance gave me an otherwise great pair of leather sandals at their event I attended a few summers ago, and I’m sure they probably made someone in need very happy.What I hope is that my rules demonstrate just one way to do it. I’m working on this, because I’d like not to eat honey ever, if for no other reason than consistency.[Update: After a conversation with my friend Javier in the comments, I’ve decided that my reasons for rules #2 and #3 (which I adopted several years ago), and the sometimes-exception to rule #1, are outdated and inconsistent with my current beliefs, so it’s more sensible for me not to consume any animal products, regardless of circumstance. “Don’t eat animal products” (besides breastfeeding) applies to our kids too — 3 years and 3 months old — but deliberately less strictly.

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Focus on whole foods and you almost can’t go wrong.” And I believe it, as far as health goes.

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