Robert pattinson dishes on his personality and dating

He always looks so calm, in the face of all those screaming girls. "On all those talk shows you have to do a pre-interview with some producer the day before. I thought, 'Oh my God, I'm starting to drool.' So, I made up this stupid story about having heavy saliva, and Jimmy's face just went, 'What the fuck are you talking about? It's a mumbled kind of laugh, full of self-deprecation and restraint. He was holed up in a sterile hotel suite in Beverly Hills, and I was one of a trillion journalists he met that day. They baulked: Robert really doesn't go out much, and when he does, he just goes to other people's houses. I said, come to my house, I'll put the beers on ice and grill up some lunch. And now here he is, this tall and entirely affable Englishman in a white T-shirt and black jeans, petting my dogs and making pleasant remarks about the neighbourhood. The other day, he tried opening a bottle with his i Phone; now he can't turn off its speakerphone.

But there are times when he gets very anxious indeed, and the heart quickens and the behaviour changes. Or at least that's what he told US late-night chat-show host Jimmy Kimmel recently, when he was a guest on the show to promote his latest movie, Given that he was clearly quite nervous for the interview itself, perhaps he was lying all along, which would mean he wasn't, which would mean he was and so on forever. As he squirmed and fidgeted in his seat, he told Kimmel, apropos of nothing, that he had "extraordinarily heavy saliva", which was why he couldn't spit very far, no more than a foot. And then a second before you go on, they tell you what you said in the pre-interview to prep you for it – and then you have to go and say it all again. I remember he showed up with a T-shirt that flapped open at the side and he hadn't noticed – it wasn't a fashion thing, the stitching had just gone. There's no publicist in tow, no minder at the gate. He loves , but he doesn't know how to record it on his TV, so he watches it live every Sunday.

" He's telling me all this while sitting in my backyard in Eagle Rock, Northeast Los Angeles. We only met the one time, three years ago, an occasion he's long forgotten. "It's funny, the less and less you do, the more the mountain of doing something grows.

I thought keep it light because you never know with actors. Potato salad, orzo with feta, some kale thingy with raisins... He says he's "a relatively solitary person", so driving is perfect: he listens to stand-up comedy on Sirius satellite radio and the jams just melt away. Apparently, the paparazzi have got the scent again.

In May, David Cronenberg said, "He could grab that brass ring and keep doing big-budget studio movies, but it's not his desire to be a big Hollywood star." "I've literally only done jobs which interest me," Pattinson says.

"There have been two which I auditioned for and didn't get, but other than that…" No franchises?

And later, there's a crime drama by the French director Olivier Assayas, co-starring Robert De Niro..

"A couple of offers, but with those things, if you express any interest, you have to do a screen test or whatever, and they make you sign a six-picture deal before you even know what the part is. And I didn't grow up reading comic books and stuff, so…" It's risky what he's doing.

He has a long way to fall, and yet he's chancing failure at every turn.

Even Pattinson expressed his reservations, while the series was underway. kind of representing something you don't particularly like." But auteur-led films are exactly who he is.

He's not just trying to wash off the stink, he's revealing himself.

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Did Kristen Stewart Just Compare Dating Robert Pattinson to Eating Robert Pattinson is wearing a bold look on the cover of W magazine s October issue which features lots of stars and highlights new and classic royalty .

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