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Richard pervo dating acts

It becomes unlikely that Acts provides us with an eye-witness account of the life of Paul.

The author is a generation removed from the time of those persons he writes about and, although he devotes sig-nificant attention to Paul, he fails to mention important things about him.

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Since the recent work of the Westar Institute’s Acts Seminar, and especially the publication of Richard Pervo’s Dating Acts, the possibility that Paul’s letters served as a source for the book of Acts requires renewed examination.What is more, this hypothesis accounts for features of the narrative that other theories of the itinerary’s source do not, specifically, the remarkable correspondence between those cities named in the Pauline corpus and those that serve as Luke’s narrative settings for Paul’s activity, as well as the intertextual resonances in Acts and of Paul’s travel announcement in Rom .In short, an examination of Paul’s itinerary in these chapters provides strong confirmation of the explanatory value of the hypothesis that Luke used Paul’s letters as a primary source.The destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple by Roman armies in 70 CE is not mentioned in Acts but is probably alluded to in Luke -24. 90 CE, since the author seems to be ignorant about Paul's letters, which were not collected and circulated before that date.Several implications follow from dating Acts in this intermediate period.

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If the author was a companion of Paul, who accompanied him on some of his travels, then those sections of Acts that deal with Paul may be regarded as eye-witness reports about him and his life.

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