Reasonable consumption — Investor friend

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«I’m not so rich to buy cheap things»


The outer side of the wealth has long become something very strange in our society of available loans. The image for which another fifteen years ago it was possible to unmistakably define a secured person — an expensive car, expensive gadgets — blurred and became perfect abstraction. Both cars and gadgets are available to wide masses — would be the willingness to get into the credit booth.

Last week, the restaurant was sitting on the veranda in the center of Moscow with my client. This is a millionaire — the most real millionaire is to invest in the construction projects of real estate in Europe and Russia.

With a client, we have been working for almost twenty years and the relationship is quite informal. Communicated about investments and about reasonable consumption — as it is right for the investor, not to pass the money thoughtlessly right and left.

Here I decided to immodally lead myself as an example, as a person very economical in the spent, and said that I went to the eighth year. But I was immediately parried with his counterproof — his car (in Europe, where he constantly lives) he had already taken the tenth))) And he came to our meeting in Moscow at all.

Hoping that at least somewhere I can hit my economy, I presented the phone — Iphon 8. He said that he had forced to bought it a few months ago — I had to change the old one.

But then there was a full parity: the client had the ninth, bought due to the fact that his long-term «six» stopped updating.

This our dialogue with the client reminded me of a Stirlitz dialogue with a general in the train coupe.

«But probably, you have no salami?»

«I have salami»

«So we are bread from one plate»

So we concluded with the client that «it seems we are on the same wave.»

What came together — also without disputes that you can spend how much pleases for children — they only benefit them, let her childhood and youth be like a fairy tale, so that later there was a temptation «Cause» in the mature years lost, acquired in fifty or seventy years Ferrari ))

After all, how does an old wisdom say? «If you have no bike at eight, and in forty-eight you have Ferrari … then you still have no bike at eight years old.»


Here they are, the paradoxes of the modern world. Millionaire on a scooter and office worker on the road Jeep. As they say, «Moscow is a city of contrasts.»


But now the opposite is easily managed. I mean — uncontrolled spending easily able to put very significant income in the wind.

In general, I have long been noticed for a long time — if a person has a habit of spending everything (or even more so, God forbid, put in debt), then no growth in revenues will help here. Fantasy human is limitless. Tracts themselves do not stop. People living three million per month are quite seriously complaining that they barely reduce their ends meet — and the most funny thing is that it is true, nothing left.

Why so it turns out? Why are spending grow uncontrollably along with income or even ahead of them? Because the culture of reasonable consumption (or it is also called «responsible consumption») practically does not have followers in our country.

People are limited only to income, but do not limit their consumption themselves (mind). So it turns out that consumption is growing with incomes.

How many times we saw everything: it seems yesterday the family somehow lived at fifty thousand rubles per month. And today lives one hundred and fifty — and there is still no money for savings. I’ll tell you exactly — if God gives three hundred tomorrow — it will not work out anyway.

And why?

Yes, everything is simple.

After all, yesterday, fifty thousand on vacation went to the cottage.

And today — one hundred and fifty — we will go to Turkey.

And tomorrow God will give three hundred — well, we make in Paris, Cheroom))

Also in all other way — fifty drove on the Besta Kalina.

One hundred fifty — pulled the Solaris.

And for three hundred — take a jeep loan.

It seems to be nothing bad family does not do — and in Paris go well and on the jeep ride a good thing.

That’s just how in the old film they spoke

Interesting thing — responsible consumption is maintained at a different level — from the UN to fashionable brands and media persons. But basically this support is related to environmental installations — less consume less to pollute nature.

I also want to suggest people to remember the smart words of Dumas

I wish all readers to ensure that they are already enough for savings and investment, and the acquisition of all of what they and their family dreams. And so that they have enough time to enjoy everything honestly earned. In a word — so that readers will sooner or later be able to start living