Real estate.

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«We are lazy and dislike …»

A.S. Pushkin «Journey to Arzrum»

Real estate. Square meters. Apartment in Moscow. Lords. Concreteometers. Any Russian investor from these words, like a «dog Pavlov» begins abundant salivation. And I start. And where to go? «We came out all of the people»))

Where did this rebellable faith come from, as in Alfa and Omega investment, as in a certain sacred gravity of a profitable investment of money, giving, according to its apologists, at the same time incredible profitability and absolute reliability? (But we note in brackets — just a dialectical contradiction between the yield and reliability of investments is the cornerstone of financial investments. The higher the yield — the higher the risk. Different is only in the country of pink unicorns.)

So where does the belief in real estate at the Rusea People? But in fact, «we say Lenin — mean the party»)). We say «Real Estate», and in fact, is our Russian brother in the subject, how can real estate invest in different ways and in different types of real estate (warehouse, trading, hotel, etc.) ??? Yes Nifiga. There is only one idea for Russian in which the topic of «real estate investment» is embodied, then we are for starters and look.



The first stage of temptation. «The apartment is money from nowhere.»

In a beard of 1999, he began to shoot «killed» odnushku on the fifth floor of «Khrushchetta». True — near the metro. I got it a wonderful housing of $ 150 per month. When I found a highly paid at the time, I began to receive $ 500 per month.

Full these numbers — a highly paid specialist receives $ 500, working in a person’s sweat of 10-12 hours a day for six days a week (a big hello to work law))). And at the end of the month, Alkash comes to him, the owner of this very odnushka, and takes 150 dollars. As a sickle one by one place (((and after all, the whole merit of this Alkash is that he turned out to be a grandmother’s heir — the owners of this odnushka))

Of course, I really wanted to swap in places with this lucky. I painted myself sweet paintings, as someday and I accumulate first to my own apartment, and then — on the second, which I will take. And already I will be the slacker who is at the end of the month to the unfortunate tenant and ruthlessly takes a rent from him)))

And at that time, it must be recognized, this «business» for renting «oddens» looked very cost-effective. The apartment I rented, cost 15 thousand dollars. Rovart payments I made $ 1800 per year — 12 percent. Will withdraw a couple of percent on overhead and low at the time of the rent — there will be about 10% per annum in dollars. Very attractive yield.

Approximately the same observations were printed in the heads of all citizens of our immense homeland. And they all remembered — there is a simple and reliable way to get money from nowhere — to take an apartment. The apartment you will always remain. And the money will always bring you money. It’s like a cow of dreams, which is not necessary to feed, and you can exclusively milk. Well, at least, so people are presented to themselves who, with rental apartments, did not encounter in practice, having been in the skins of the landlord)))

Second stage temptation. «Prices for apartments always grow.»

In the period after the crisis of 1998 and until the crisis of 2008, the prices for real estate always grew. And the year from 2005 and to 2008 — they grew completely insanely. The 2008 crisis was short-term — and then to the very Crimean spring prices again just walked up, although not so decisively. Everything. People see that all their conscious life is the last 15 years — housing prices are growing. So housing prices cannot fall. Amen.

Here on these two whales and the faith of people in real estate, as an infallible solution to their financial problems.

Reproduce here again

«The apartment is money from nowhere.»

«Prices for apartments always grow.»

And I was in captivity of these delusions. What to do — and I am «flesh from the flesh of folk».

But since we have here today, like Maestro Voland, a session of magic with exposure, proceed to exposure.

Let’s start with money from nowhere

For any person who bought an apartment himself is a flow of money from her, this is a flow of money from the funds invested in it. And with cash flow from renting apartments now a full pipe. About once had a decade-percent dollar yield, you can forget about youthful fantasies — in Moscow, where the market is the most mature —

Do not share if in your city the rental rates are still given the yield above Moscow — the market is simply more mature in Moscow, yours will take a little later, the progress does not stop.

Do not forget this factor — the mortgage rates are low. Almost all solvent citizens took a mortgage and received their own accommodation, and who remains as tenants? Insolvent marginals? Want to have a matter with them?

We will deal with prices for apartments that always grow

It’s time to understand: real estate — the same market asset as any other. She does not have any mystical properties. Neither the properties of «eternal growth.» Neither the properties «always generate a positive cash flow».

Have you seen an epigraph to the article? Re-read. Dear compatriots, I understand that the experience of many years is a strong argument.

And if you so sweet real estate — at least remember what kind of age in the yard))

I wrote in the comments «with your capital it was possible to invest in real estate.»

Guys, in our time, to invest in real estate do not need large capital.

I continue to «session of magic with exposure» — now specifically for real estate lovers, have to hear something good from the former fellow))

If you so want to invest in real estate, so I suggest you at least make it competently — to have liquidity and yield higher than that of the notorious «odnushki», and the headache is less.

Residential real estate gives you the most trouble and least profitability — Believe me — the last 12 years I worked in the field of developments and rental real estate. Once the property is so sweet to your heart and you decided to invest in it — you need


How to invest in real estate with a small capital.

And about the «odnushka» forget how about a terrible dream, let your enemies fit in them))

They or stand up for tenant defaulters run, or they will die from envy, looking at how you get 9% per annum without hassle and they are not gaining 5% with all suffering))

Invest in real estate correctly, friends, if you have chosen it as an object of investment. With the right approach and real estate can make you