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On the Ok Trends blog, Rudder reports, “82% of non-Black men on Ok Cupid show some bias against Black women.” Rudder goes on to say in his book that this means, “being Black basically costs you about three-quarters of a star [out of five] in your rating, even if you’re at the top.” Rudder’s findings certainly back the lackluster experience that I’ve endured on online dating sites, but even despite the cold hard data, I couldn’t help but wonder if other races of women really get more love.

So what better way to find out than to Meet Online Stephanie I created Online Stephanie to see if the grass is greener on the other side of the racial divide.

Single women could live where they wanted, buy and sell property, and could even support themselves. Coverture, a legal concept, ensured that married women were exclusively dependent on their husbands, legally and financially. How else do you explain the patriarchal tradition of taking a man’s last name upon marriage?

There are couples bucking that trend, with some men even taking their wife’s last name, but by and large, the bride is expected to shed her “maiden” identity in lieu of her husband’s. They carry with them a sense of nostalgia and solidarity.

Stephanie never had to check if men were into white woman, they always were.

Being white took away that extra hassle of having to carefully scrutinize a guy’s profile to gauge just how racist he might be.

Here’s how Stephanie fared in one week compared to me.

Today’s concept of marrying for love is a relatively new phenomenon.

Historically, unions were transactional and women had no say in the matter.

They were merely their husband’s possession and lost all individual legal rights.

Until the early 19th century, a woman’s legal rights in America were largely dependent upon her marital status. may get to choose whom they marry now, but there are certainly sexist holdovers from the days of yore.

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Stephanie’s in-mail messages were generally crafted better.

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